Live from Iraq: a Navy buddy's family on the front lines

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Great to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and your family. It is so great to get messages from old friends and to see the intrest in supporting all the good we are trying to accomplish.

It would be great if you could get the word out on the type of things the military is doing over here. There is too much neagtive press about what is going on. Just the other day, an Iraqi doctor approached me on the street and thanked my soldiers for being there. He also offered me some sagacious advice. He told me we need to get more positive media on the air waves, because all the neagtive press does now is hurt the great strides we have made; water, electricty, fuel, security and not to mention getting the schools to begin operating. The AL Jezra network recently reported that we were on the streets beating children and stealing gold from Iraqis. Follow this up with a segment from CNN on how the troops in Iraq are not well recived. Where once this educated Doctor made a dollar a month for his services under the old Regime, he now can make 100 dollars a month. In the last 2 weeks my men and I have visited over 300 homes in the Mosul area, almost 99% of who we talked to were greatful for all we have done and continue to do.

Our soldiers have been in Iraq for over 11 months; the 101st ABN DIV (AASLT) is the only unit that still remains from the original group that led the attack to Baghdad; a testament to the excellence and professionalism of every one of the soldiers in the company and the division.

Unfortunately, the media has not been reporting all the good and positive things that our soldiers are doing daily, or about how much they personally believe in the cause. We know the impact we are having daily through the smiles and greetings we receive from the majority of the Iraqi people, they know the sacrifices we are willing to make and have made for freedom; freedom for all. This is about protecting people and their humanity and their rights to live free from oppression.

Let there be no mistake, we know why we are here. We are here fighting terrorism in its purest form, we are preventing another 9-11, we are ensuring that the terrorists fight us on the ground of our choosing, not on our home soil. So that our own families can live free from fear.

The news reports you see now have very little reality to them because we no longer have the embedded media with us like before. Keep this in mind when listening to the "talking heads." I made a statement to my 1SG the other day that our sister units in Iraq don't even know or appreciate what we do on a daily basis, so how could a journalist half way around the world, sitting in a heated office, drinking a 5$ cup of café latte know what we are doing. Bottom line, they can't and they won't until they come back over here and see what is going on first hand.

With all this we continue to conduct missions ranging from stability and security to humanitarian aid and standing up of freely elected governments. Never in the history of the Army, has the mission been so diverse or challenging. However, daily these young soldiers carry themselves with the demeanor and maturity that you would expect from individuals many years their senior.

Every soldier knows that he is one event away from an international incident, but must balance that with the need to protect himself, his brothers and the people of Iraq. Not a simple task, but one these soldiers shoulder 24 hours a day. You can be proud of your extended family here in Iraq, they are indeed doing it right.

I will enclose a few items that may be of intrest, also my parents have the whole story.

If you go to the following website:, there was an article about our efforts here published in the Iraqi Destiny Newsletter, Issue 47. Our biggest town we deal with is Tal Kayf, located 12 km north of Mosul, Iraq. We have made great strides there. But there is still more to be done.

Just to let you know my wife of 5 years is also here in Iraq, we deployed over here together in Feb. 03; another local Bay Area girl; formerly Ms. Carrie Camors of San Jose, Westmont Highschool grad...who went to UCSB, where we met. She is currently the commander of Alpha Company, 6-101 AVN, 101st ABN DIV. A Blackhawk pilot.

I think fondly to the old days and love hearing from the crew from Live Oak, especially now. I can't wait to get home and see everyone I can. Thanks for the package, it will be well recieved. You are now a memeber of our family, the Bravo Company "Bulldogs", 3-327 IN REGT, 1st BDE, 101st....Have a great holidays.

Kevin J. Williams