Barack Obama’s White Noise


President Obama gave his first press TV conference tonight, 9 February 2009. In substance it was an hour of angry denunciations and vacant platitudes interspaced with half-truths and outright lies. Reviews of the press conference are glowingly hagiographic.

This isn’t the first time I have been surprised and disappointed by how Obama has come on like George C. Scott in “The Flim Flam Man” yet garnered worshipful attention by the public and so-called press. But tonight I realized what is happening.

Obama doesn’t talk so much as generate white noise.

White noise (n.) a random signal (or process) with a flat power spectral density. In other words, the signal contains equal power within a fixed bandwidth at any center frequency. White noise draws its name from white light in which the power spectral density of the light is distributed over the visible band in such a way that the eye's three color receptors (cones) are approximately equally stimulated.—Wikipedia

Everyone has experienced white noise. It’s the sound a TV makes when tuned to an unused channel, that wooshing-hissing sound that wraps itself around your brain like a warm blanket. White noise machines are sold to millions to help them sleep in noisy environments or to sooth one at work or in the doctor’s waiting room.

It came to me this evening that this is how Obama anesthetizes his audience. After the first several sentences of anything he says the tempo and tenor of his speech puts one’s brain into a happy fuzziness that overrides what is actually being heard. Try it for yourself. This evening, one “reporter” asked why Obama’s Ponzi Stimulus could be expected to help fix the economy. Obama replied, in part:

"... the excesses on Wall Street led to this crisis and then people couldn't make payroll and laid-off people and that led to this crisis even though consumer spending helped for a while but this is unsustainable and foreigners will no longer lend us money and so the immediate job is to stop the downward spiral and this means putting money in peoples' pockets and that, by the way, is important even if you are a fiscal conservative and even if there are no tax revenues because people have lost their jobs this will put an enormous strain on the federal and state governments and so we have to stop the economy from tanking and this notion that I came in here to gin-up a $800B bill means that as soon as possible the mid-term and long-term budget is addressed while people who are worried about their mortgage payments become less fearful and then we can decide how to work more prudently and so if you want to buy a house that you can't afford we have to reform our bad habits..."

At least that’s what’s on my VCR. I really don’t remember what he said, just that I began to feel warm and sleepy and then the answer was over. When read aloud, the President’s answer is laughable. But no reporters laughed. Perhaps the answer to listening to Obama is to record what he says and stop the tape after every sentence.

The Sirens were said to so stupefy passing sailors with their songs that the sailors’ ships ran aground, killing everyone aboard. Ships were finally saved when the sailors blocked their ears and tied themselves to the masts. We may need a similar strategy to save our country from President Obama.