The PC World of White Criminality


21 April 2009

The Brinks Company has been running a series of TV ads in which various people experience a home invasion , which is thwarted by a Brinks home security system. In each ad the criminals first look into the house and see someone home before breaking-down the door, strongly suggesting that the invasion will be capped by the murder of the home’s inhabitants. What is interesting is that every home invader/murderer is white, some with blue eyes (berserk Icelanders?). Not a single black or Hispanic criminal is shown committing a violent crime.

In checking the US Department of Justices’ “Homicide offending by race, 1975-2005,” black men were nine times as likely as white men to commit a violent crime ending in murder. Blacks comprise 12% of the US population while whites comprise 68%. Thus, in any random sample of people in an urban or suburban area, statistics suggest that the chance of being murdered by a black person is many, many times that of being murdered by a white person (these stats are not sorted by sex of offender, nor by race of victim).

Now, Brinks can run whatever ads it likes (at least until TV is nationalized in 2010). But this in-your-face misrepresentation of crime is just one more tiresome iteration of the racist memes forced upon us – and thus businesses – by the culture of political correctness. Only at your financial peril are you allowed to portray race as it plays into crime, or any anti-social behavior, except in the rare true story that the Left will allow to come to public attention for the purpose of influencing criminal trials. The real crime here is the continuing PC nonsense forced upon us by our self-styled Leftist “intellectual betters,” now doing their best to further dumb-down the US while imposing both speech control and thought control upon the nation. For the Left is simply setting-back race relations by 50 years as it forces people to say and witness laughably stupid and untrue politically-correct nonsense. In such cases people understandably react with anger. The harm from such a perversion of politics can only hurt the functioning of our society. That the Left doesn’t care is the true crime.