“Yes We Can:” How Massachusetts Presages Obama’s America

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Living in Deval Patrick’s Massachusetts has prepared me well for living in Barack Obama’s America. Massachusetts state government is an enormous organized crime enterprise run by moronic thugs who work for highly intelligent thugs. Nothing is done by Massachusetts state government to help citizens. Everything is done to further bloat itself while mugging the taxpayer.

I recently paid-off my car loan. In return, I received from the RMV my new title. Just one problem. The “actual mileage” stated was 23,000 miles too high. I researched the net and found that I had to submit back to the RMV a notarized form stating the correct mileage, plus a fee. I did so. Ten days later I received from the RMV, not my corrected title, but an eight page letter explaining that I could not have my corrected title without first submitting a notarized Odometer Discrepancy Affidavit, signed by the private seller from whom I had bought the car. A quick look at the title shows that the RMV simply added 100,000 miles to the mileage at the time I bought the car in 2004. They refuse to admit it. So it’s my responsibility to find the last owner and get his notarized affidavit to then re-submit to the RMV with my “package,” plus more money.

This may sound like a small matter. But it is how Massachusetts, under Deval “Yes We Can” [sic] Patrick operates – make everything more complicated and more expensive. Hey! Those Turnpike toll-takers have to be paid ($66,000 a year, plus overtime, to make change at the toll booths). Deval Patrick is one of Obama’s biggest supporters and a likely official in Obama’s government (despite his insistence that he will stay in Massachusetts). And this is what we are guaranteed from Obama, who owes the labor unions everything they want in return for the half billion dollars of stolen member wages they spent on helping elect The One. Stand by.

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