Cry Me a River, Mr. Wright


My Compassion Overpressure Lamp has just illuminated. I have had it with the politics of victimhood. This is the latest stage in my journey from Good Boston Jewish Liberal to Fed-up Conservative. To turn-on the radio and again be assaulted by the hate-filled screech of the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s life-long minister and religious leader, is “it.”

My mother, rest her soul, was a warm, intelligent, compassionate, kindly, generous woman and great mom who was also a victim of Leftist brainwashing. Her father had emigrated from the Ukraine, starting-out dirt poor and then building a successful business and raising five kids in accordance with The American Dream, nonetheless spent his adult life railing against those whom he believed to be greedy capitalists and cursing those febrenta Republicans. My mom adopted a slightly less exercised form of politics which was the exact political center of Boston Judaism in the 1950s and 1960s. In the first election in which she could vote she had voted for the Socialist Party and was sad that it was the most radical vote available. I assumed her politics were normal and adopted them unthinkingly. All this changed when I joined the Navy and Saw the World. I discovered that in the real world, there really are bad people who want to kill you; that not everyone is beautiful in their own way; that Southerners are not all inbred moronic gun-toting crazy rednecks living in trailers and marrying their sisters and daughters; that the military is, in fact, the finest organization within the United States; and that not all “Negroes” are simpletons who must be controlled and guided by their white, liberal betters (for their own good, of course, the poor dears).

Part and parcel of the mind-set of Boston Liberalism – which has only gotten worse -- is that white people will forever be guilty of past black slavery and must forever atone for this sin by never questioning or criticizing anything a black person says or does. It’s not their fault, of course, but just our misperception from being an evil white (sexist, homophobic, Republican, Evangelical) person who owes black Americans a life of ease and uncritical appreciation, all paid for by other peoples’ taxes and at the expense of any sense of fairness and meritocracy.

My mom died young, so I did not have the chance to know her for long. But were she alive today I feel certain that she would be repulsed by the state of hatred fueling the Democrat Party in general and the self-consumption of the party by its unfortunate mish-mash of the perpetually aggrieved, the professionally hateful, the career dullards, the smirking cynics of race and class division, the flimflam men and snake oil salesmen, and that newest class of proud Liberal, the Clergyman of Hate.

At this still-early stage in the presidential race of 2008, we are being treated to a once in a generation political China Syndrome as the Democratic Party moves inexorably towards a horrific self-immolation while so twisting the American political process that the extent and depth of the unavoidable wreckage cannot yet be estimated. A particularly nasty bit of this flood of execrable hatred towards one’s opponents is the “Reverend” Wright. I am not the first to watch in shock as Mr. Wright’s venomous rants are interposed with those of Adolph Hitler, readily viewable with a little searching, thanks to the internet. If you translate Hitler’s screeds into English, you can superimpose Wright’s image on Hitler’s speeches and Hitler’s on Wright’s without missing a beat. Self-righteously pouring some Hydrazine on this spectacle is Barack Obama, insisting that Mr. Wright is his chosen savior in Jesus (I’ll leave this one to my Christian friends), his personal career mentor, and a close friend of his for 20 years. Mr. Obama sees no problem in this situation except to mention as an aside that Mr. Wright has some ideas with which he, Mr. Obama, may disagree. The reader is free to go to the internet and watch Mr. Wright’s ‘personal ideas’ for him- or herself. But I have to comment upon one of Mr. Wright’s latest assertions, that Hillary Clinton cannot be permitted to criticize Mr. Obama because, “… she was not a black boy raised in a single-parent home and has never been called ‘nigger’ and thus cannot possibly be allowed to oppose, let alone criticize, Mr. Obama in his quest to be acclaimed as the president so as to atone for sins committed by people who have been dead for centuries.

That’s it for me. I am no fan of Ms. Clinton. And as a conservative I have become used to perpetual abuse and viciousness from a Left my mother would neither recognize nor stand for, despite her politics of 40 years ago. But enough is enough, Mr. Wright, you whiney candyass. The fact is that you, Mr. Wright, will never know what it is like to step out of school as a kid and year after year, hear someone yell, “Get the kike!” and have four or five kids jump you and beat you up, sometimes leaving you unconscious by the side of the road. The difference, Mr. Wright, is that Jews -- and Mormons and Catholics and Adians -- who suffered through such a childhood 40 or 50 years ago never called a press conference, never demanded ‘reparations,’ never went to the press with demands, never just sat on their asses and complained. They just determined to work even harder to succeed and learned to fight. Mr. Wright, you are a poisonous embarrassment to the United States and to black America. That Mr. Obama refuses to call you for what you are and continues to seek your support should be all that a voter needs to know this November. Yes, Mr. Wright, there are two Americas, but not in the way you insist. There is an America of people who work hard and expect no favors other than the opportunity to succeed. There is another of people who spew hatred while demanding that historic events be avenged at the expense of people who were never guilty of anything but must be made to pay. Barack Obama -- despite his fine if empty speeches -- through his friendship with and support of the likes of you clearly shows to which America he, you, and the Democratic Party belong. I cringe at eight more months of “G-d Damn America!” being the slogan for Obama ’08. That many black Americans gravitate to the likes of you is the real outrage.