Bad News in the Mail for Democrats

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In David Brin’s excellent novel, “The Postman” (later a surprisingly bad movie starring Kevin Costner), Gordon Krantz, a survivor of some unexplained world holocaust, wanders what was the U.S. with his mule “Bill,” earning temporary room and board from the few surviving towns by performing snippets of Shakespeare. Along the way he finds refuge from a storm inside the wreck of a Postal Service Jeep and takes the warm leather jacket from the skeleton of the mailman. As he continues to wander he creates the fantasy of his being a postal representative of a “Reconstructed United States of America” as a ruse with which to gain temporary entry to the few remaining fortified small towns he encounters.

As those familiar with the story know, as the lie grows, Krantz is forced to create ever more elaborate stories. At one point, upon encountering a town that wants to believe the U.S. and better times are indeed coming back, he tells desperate townspeople that “there is now a “U.S. President named Richard Starkey, from Maine. He’s got a saying. ‘Things are gettin’ better.’” Of course, this is all a lie. But it does give the people some hope – before an army of savages descends upon them in the story’s climax.

I could not help but think of this when I heard this week – eight months before the 2006 elections -- that the Democratic Party is still using the failed 2004 slogan, “Together We Can Do Better.” Actually, I laughed when I heard it. Whatever faults the Bush Administration displays and whatever missteps it takes (and there have been many lately in a White House suffering from hierarchical disintegration), the Democrats, for their part, insist on having become so alien to most American voters that they seem to be from Koozbane, the Muppet Planet. The Democrat leaders know they have no actual party (nor do they care), but rather, a fragile coalition of whiney, hateful, greedy special interest groups flying in loose formation. Yes, they can haltingly “rise” to the occasion, such as Chicago’s reported 102% Democratic voter turnout in the 2004 presidential election, or having the Lapdog Press insist that Bush and Israel were responsible for trying to murder blacks in New Orleans by blowing-up the levees during Hurricane Katrina. However, as voting techniques and oversight become increasingly sophisticated, such loathsome antics as massive voter fraud become ever more untenable. Who but a liberal Democrat would stand up and scream that requiring a voter to actually identify himself is “racist!”?

Things were not “getting better” in Maine in “The Postman,” and the gaggle of Marxists, nutballs, and hate groups identifying themselves as Democrats assuredly cannot “do better” for America. Yes, Republicans as a party display all the characteristics of a flock of ducklings suddenly frightened by a hawk. And yes, the Democratic leaders can display a derranged ferocity that pushes issues forward despite an utter lack of merit. Yet -- Sen. Hillary Clinton and her husband are even now performing an erie "Frick and Frack" act as they try to have it both ways -- being both staunchly conservative on defense and staunchly pro-moneygrubbing from the Arab world. Ms. Clinton is being savaged by the Whacko Left three years before the 2008 election. The Abramoff and Cunningham stories demonstrate the corrupting influence of money -- a story that seems to have surprised only the New York Times. The Dubai ports issue shows only that Bush needs a new staff. The Dick Cheney Homicidal Hunting Atrocity shows only that the Dinosaur Media is in full death bellow and knows it. The 2006 and 2008 elections are the Republicans’ to lose. That this is a possibility is the real story.

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