Rise of the Pomegranates

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With the presidential campaign of 2008 we see the gaudy coming-out of the Pomegranates – people who are red on the outside but gold on the inside. They’re everywhere. They are rich but demanding that the rest of us – you and me – “sacrifice more,” “suck it in,” and “prove your patriotism by volunteering to pay higher taxes.” If there is one issue that drives voters wild, it is this philosophy, demanded by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and a slew of the mega-rich who have theirs but want you to accept the life of, well, their serf; someone who lives to continue them in their lives of wealth and luxury.

As noted by Shannon Love at Chicagoboyz.net:

The ugly truth is that the really wealthy can manipulate the political system to their own ends better than ordinary people. They can lobby for specific tax breaks that only they can take advantage of. They can get government trade protection for their companies. They can get bailouts. If all else fails, the truly wealthy can simply relocate their wealth into whatever area the government policies du jour make the most profitable. In the extremes, they can simple sit on their wealth and wait for the political winds to change.

They come from every direction and continue to surprise. Warren Buffet - one of the world’s wealthiest men - earned his billions by avoiding like the plague paying taxes, but now insists that you and I pay more, er, I mean, “our fair share.” Clearly feeling guilty for having personal wealth that tops the gross national product of most African nations, Buffet has gone over to the Dark Side recently. He’s become a Pomegranate. Bill Gates, who became so rich through pure, sweaty capitalism that he lives in a house larger than Versailles and is so rich he could literally build, equip, and sail his own aircraft carrier battle group, has retired from his life-long pursuit of becoming as rich as possible through running Microsoft so he can ease his soiled conscience by giving tens of millions of dollars to every Leftist cause he can find. You? You should be demanding to pay more taxes so as to be a “better citizen.” Pomegranate! There’s Martha Stewart - who not only became fabulously rich by avoiding paying as many taxes as she could but still went to jail for tax evasion - now spends her time going on TV to scold you and me for not being good enough people to clamor for paying more taxes. Pomegranate! And finally, but by no means last, there is Sentator Barack Obama himself, he of the arrogant sneer, hectoring voice, and wagging Finger of Scolding (did he borrow it from Bill Clinton for the election?), who became a multi-millionaire himself, in large part by welcoming sleazy and possibly illegal land deals with a buddy who is part of Chicago’s organized crime establishment and is even now on the way to prison. Pomegranate squared!

If this election cycle does nothing else it proves that the selfish rich are a worse blight on society than we thought, enthusiastically supporting a system that can be manipulated so as to help a (wealthy) stone Marxist run for president while ensuring that the rich will be largely immune to the ruin such politicians rain down upon the rest of us. They are truly rotten fruit.

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