Deval Patrick, Obama Lite

A lot has been written and said about what one might expect in a Barack Obama presidency. It’s not that difficult. To see an Obama presidency one need look no farther that the administration of Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts.

Patrick rode into office on the crest of a huge wave created and sustained by Massachusetts Liberals, beating his competent but dull Republican rival, Lt. Governor Healy, by more than 2-1. His only previous experience was as an extortionist who made huge bucks suing large corporations for alleged racial crimes, and as Bill Clinton’s Assistant Attorney General for Racial Quotas and Sticking It To Whitey. As previously reported here, Patrick’s administration has so far been 16 months of paranoid psychosis in the creation of the Patrick Bunker up on Boston’s Bacon Hill [sic.] If Patrick were white, or a Republican, or both, he would already have been driven from office by the Enlightened bed-wetter trust babies at The Boston Globe Workers Circle and those of the salons of John Kerry’s toffey-nosed admirers for whom a Good Work is the early parole of a stone career criminal who is in jail only because of White Oppression.

It is, therefore, of little surprise that the most recent Great Work of Mr. Deval is a new state program to locate criminal aliens, and then, to give them taxpayer money so they can have free medical insurance. I am not making this up. As reported in The Metrowest Daily News:

“Pilot program to offer free health care to illegal immigrants”


The (Massachusetts) Department of Public Health is introducing a pilot program to subsidize health insurance for illegal immigrants… Starting this summer, the department plans to enroll 50 uninsured people from a group of patients currently relying on the state's Safety Net Pool to cover their medical costs, Auerbach said. Given the recent health insurance mandate tracked through income tax returns, Auerbach said that group is now largely made up of illegal immigrants… To recruit the 50 test cases, Auerbach's department will send letters to some of the most frequent users of the Safety Net Pool. The department will then subsidize insurance coverage from private providers, tracking the volunteers to see if their health improves and if an expanded program could save the state money… In response, the Department of Public Health has awarded $1 million in grants to community groups to address the problem and created the Office of Health Equity ] have you ever heard a more Orwellian name? – Ed]

This comes upon the news that Massachusetts’ Liberal wet dream – mandated universal health insurance – is already more than half a billion dollars inn debt and that this debt, if unchecked, will grow to consume the entire Massachusetts state budget by 2023.

But Patrick ain’t backing down. After all, his campaign theme was “Together We Can.” He's taking a break in his political assassination of Sal DiMasi, the speaker of the state legislature, who defeated Patrick's plan to open three Atlantic City-sized gambling casinos in Massachusetts neighborhoods. It is now revealed that what we can do together is go bankrupt paying for Liberal programs as our communities disintegrate around us. Patrick is determined to go ahead with free medical care for criminal aliens on the backs of the state’s taxpayers.

Ready for President Obama?

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