"Together We Can ... Have a Tantrum!"

We now learn that MA Governor Deval Patrick, who has spent the last 14 months barracaded inside his Beacon Hill Ofice, refusing to talk to reporters or the public, was in New York City last week on the day his bill to allow casino gambling in MA was defeated by the MA Legislature. NECN reports that he was in NY signing a multi-million dollar advance on his autobiography (due out in 2010).

Another source reports that he had a temper tantrum when told his bill to build three multi-billion dollar casinos in Massachusetts would be defeated by his own Dem Party in Boston.

Some background. One part of Patrick's "budget" includes $400 million a year in proceeds paid to the state from the proposed casinos (one also notes that even with this revenue the state budget will be almost $1 billion a year in the red). Patrick recently told friends that the job of governor is "harder that I thought" and "most of the time really boring" and "it's very hard to get the legislature to do what I want."

Patrick ran on the slogan, "Together We Can," which is believed to be a direct ancestor to Barack Obama's "Change We Can Believe In." What MA voters have since discovered is that Patrick's complete slogan was, "Together We Can Really Screw Things Up."

Patrick has refused to answer reporters' phone calls about his book deal and remains out of sight as the remaining 36 months of his administration tick by.

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