The Next Commander of the Massachusetts National Guard?

As the race for the Massachusetts governor’s office enters its last month a very disturbing picture is reemerging of Deval Patrick, the Democratic candidate and former Clinton Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. What is becoming clear is that Patrick’s entire world view is discolored by a presumption that all civil matters in America are suspect because every non-black in America hates African Americans and wants them dead.

Mr. Patrick’s entire career ( has been one of striking-out against what he sees as a poisonous, racist America in which all black convicts have been imprisoned not on the merits of their cases but because they are black. He has been at the forefront of allegedly extorting money from large corporations ( – during which activity he became quite rich – by crying racism whenever black employees felt they were being treated unfairly. He rails against ‘rich Republicans’ even as he builds another mansion on a private 88 acre estate. A darling of the Left, he is plumped in The Boston Globe, ( a formerly great newspaper that has gone right over the cliff of liberal lunacy and has become unreadable by anyone without exophoria.

In the past several days, despite the best efforts of the Globe and its national counterparts, news of Patrick’s life-long racism has finally hit the news (mostly Fox News, “Reporting News Other American Organizations Won’t Do.”) It seems that in the 1990s, Patrick struck-up a curiously intimate relationship with a convicted rapist whom Patrick had never met. Addressing him by his first name in many letters, Patrick raised a stink about alleged racism in the trial of this individual and demanded the convict be set free. Several years ago the convict was proven guilty through DNA typing but he never admitted his guilt, still wailing ‘racism.’ Yesterday, stunningly, Patrick, when asked if he would repeat his campaign to free this bum knowing what he knows now, there was a giant thudding sound as 200 jaws hit the ground among the press. Patrick said, why yes, he would still do it because the man’s trial had been ruined by “racism.” Even as he spoke, Patrick was involved in trying to free a cop killer now imprisoned in Florida. Why? You guessed it. “Racism.”

Patrick currently enjoys a lead over Republican rival Kerry Healey of between 25 and 12 points, depending upon which poll you believe. The on-air debates he has had with the hapless Healey have been safe harbors for Patrick both because the MSM is protecting him and because Independent Christie Mihos has spent the debates beating the crap out of Healey while Patrick has been able to just sit back and smile. But this latest news jolt from Fox has confirmed for everyone what has been whispered of Patrick since he declared his candidacy. Deval Patrick is a man who truly believes that black Americans are relentlessly persecuted by whites who want them all imprisoned or dead. I’m sure there is a psychiatric term for this, whatever it may be.

Patrick’s record as Clinton’s civil rights blunt object, which has been so carefully concealed by the fawning bad writers at The Boston Globe and its sister news organizations, is again being taken out and dusted off despite the best efforts of the major search engines to hide his background (try using a search engine for any information about Patrick’s past activities in trying to free convicted criminals). Combined with his stated objective of making Massachusetts the destination for illegal aliens (fraudulent drivers’ licenses, in-state tuition for illegals attending The University of Massachusetts, expunging the criminal records of convicted criminals, etc.) and the picture is stark. In Deval Patrick we have a candidate for governor whose perception of the world is so distorted as to make him incapable of governing. In Deval Patrick we have a man that would almost certainly destroy the merit-based system of promotion in the Massachusetts National Guard.