Obama’s Navy and ‘Quality Time’

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23 October 2012

During the October 22 third presidential debate, the Ol’ Snarly Obama came out to play. Clearly angry at Romney’s having passed him in national voter polls, Obama was spoiling for a fight. Romney simply infuriated Obama further by acting calm, knowledgeable, and presidential to Obama’s junior high school bully.

At what was arguably the debate’s most watchable moment, Obama ridiculed Romney’s noting that the US Navy, under Obama and Harry Reid, is headed for third-world status with the smallest number of ships since 1917. Obama sneered that in today’s military, ‘we don’t have many horses or bayonets, either. We have ships called aircraft carriers that planes can land on. We have ships called nuclear submarines that run under the water’ (this accompanied with a three-year-old’s handee of a sub submerging below the debate desk). Obama’s snarky argument was that the great superiority of today’s weapons platforms over those of the past made a large Navy not only no longer needed but fiscally irresponsible as well. In other words, he believes the utterly disproven “quality time” argument of 80’s guilty parents.

Remember Quality Time? Upwardly-mobile young parents of the 80s and 90s argued that the fact that they spent almost no time with their own kids was not important as long as they spent an hour or so a day doing “quality time” stuff with the kids who barely knew them. Listening to opera together. Tossing a ball in the back yard before dinner. Mountains of politically-correct indoctrination video cassettes. Going shopping together. Actually eating together at least once a day. The idea was to stuff twelve hours of real interaction with their kids into 90 minutes at the end of the day. The result has long been in. Talk to 20- and 30-year-olds today and the thing they regret most about their childhood was having been abandoned by their parents when the kids were little. “Quality Time” as a substitute for real time is and was just bullshit.

Which brings us back to Obama’s Navy. Obama has long made it clear he dislikes our military and the feeling is returned in spades by our soldiers who favor Romney 76-24. Yet last night Obama argued that the size of our military is unimportant as long as the “quality” is high enough. Thus, one Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser is allegedly superior to a squadron of old Korean War destroyers. One Nimitz-class carrier battle group is somehow superior to the three US carriers and 35 escorts that defeated the Japanese fleet at Midway. That one ship – called “a Nuclear Submarine that goes under the water” (as opposed, presumably, to nuclear submarines that do not go under the water) is superior to a squadron of Cold War subs that passively jumped all over their Soviet counterparts for 35 years. That 50 or 60 P-8 ASW airplanes will do the job of 456 P-3 airplanes doing anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. That ending the Navy’s mine countermeasures ships to save money will not impact our ability to do coastal warfare. Utter nonsense. Dangerous nonsense.

After four years in office Obama has become ever more sullen, more under the influence of anti-Americanism, and more dangerous to national security, if that’s possible. He increasingly endangers our soldiers and sailors every day. He -- of no quality himself -- is clearly unfit for command.

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