CNN Lies about Massachusetts’ Universal Healthcare (*psst* it’s already a failure)


10 March 2009

This morning while I was making breakfast and flipping through channels without looking, I stumbled upon the CNN Morning News. CNN was at the beginning of a glowing review of Massachusetts’ mandatory universal healthcare law, signed into law among shrieks of joy from the Left by none other than Mitt Romney while he was governor of the commonwealth and thinking about a run for president. (why are all these nutball national healthcare laws pushed by multi-millionaires who have their own private clinics?)

According to CNN, the plan is a huge success, now providing medical insurance for 97% of the state’s population (including, but unmentioned, the estimated 18% of the population who are criminal aliens). The report went on to praise the plan while editorializing that anyone opposed to ObamaCare is, at best, a racist moron hatemonger, and at worst, well, a racist moron hatemonger who listens to Rush Limbaugh. .

What CNN was careful not to mention is that MA universal healthcare is an unmitigated disaster. This has been confirmed by none other than The Boston Globe Workers’ Circle, that hotbed of spoiled trust babies, lunatic liberals, a newsroom one standard deviation below of norm for adult IQs, and gaggle of professional America-haters. According to the Globe,

0 More than 200,000 in MA are still without health insurance

0 Some employers are so evil that they still refuse to give gold-plated health insurance to all employees – at employer expense, of course

0 Even after all that, the program is unaffordable to many, in that as much as 32% of the under-the-table salary earned by a criminal alien may have to be paid towards his family’s health coverage, and he may even have to be responsible for copays! (the horror!)

0 The estimated cost has been shown to have been – ahem – “a bit low.” It is now costing Massachusetts upwards of $ 1.3 billion a year, four time the original estimated cost, and cost growth continues to explode (related fact the Globe didn’t bother to mention: MA is currently $2.1 billion in the red – most of it from universal healthcare). As the Globe socialists reluctantly admit, this “is not sustainable.” (Duh!)

0 MACare has done nothing to assure access to good care, despite the ‘punishing cost of paying copays’ (ten to thirty dollars a doctor’s visit). The article notes that “…access to care is also affected by the uneven distribution of healthcare dollars between primary and specialty care, and between community hospitals and tertiary care hospitals…”

The reporter ends by recommending that, to solve these problems, everyone in the US simply be put on Medicare. Reportedly “…a bill before Congress, the United States National Health Insurance Act, would provide more comprehensive coverage for all. The bill includes doctor, hospital, long-term, mental health, dental, and vision care, prescription drugs, and medical supplies, with no premiums, copayments, or deductibles…” After making this insane, impossibly costly demand, the author ends by upping the Insanity Index another notch: Under ObamaCare, “…People would be free to choose doctors and hospitals, and insurance would not be tied to a job. Costs would be controlled because health planning in a national health program can reestablish needed balance between primary/preventive care and high-tech tertiary care. A modest, progressive tax would replace what people currently pay out of pocket. This program would pay for itself by eliminating the wasteful administrative costs and profits of private insurance companies, and save $8 billion to $10 billion in Massachusetts alone.”

Coffee came out my nose upon reading this claim. And I missed the next several minutes.

Massachusetts continues to hemorrhage tax payers as its wealthy Liberals pursue ever more insane plans and will lose one or two seats in 2010 (unless ACORN steals the seats back, of course). If you want to see Obama’s America in 2011, look to Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick is Obama’s Mini-me and the Great and General Court of Massachusetts is Pelosi’s fantasy Congress. Patrick is raising the gasoline tax to 42 cents a gallon, the nation’s highest. Despite his pro forma denials, he will also impose a mileage tax on all people who drive in MA, by taxing residents at each annual vehicle inspection and by installing transponder gates at all highways leading into and out of the state. In DC we have a new, utterly unqualified president who nastily insults are greatest allies, who lies as second nature and has violated almost every campaign pledge, and whose greed for personal power rivals that of the last century’s worst tyrants. And the Liberal Press wonders why Americans are beginning to bury their money in the back yard.

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