The Coming Health Care Disaster


23 October 2008

If you want an accurate preview of an Obama presidency with a 60 Dem Senate, you need look no further than the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Massachusetts (PDRM). Governor Deval Patrick – Obama’s Mini-Me – rules from several private mansions he owns – one in tony Milton, worth $ 1.4 M and the other, a sprawling, custom-built, private mountain-top fortress he refuses to give a price for but is reliably assessed at over $ 5 M. It is also believed that for both he received, let us say, highly favorable financing unavailable to the general public. Patrick avoids actually going to the Statehouse in Boston to conduct business, as this opens him to the small possibility of a reporter actually approaching His Lordship with an (ugh!) question about his rule. (Patrick, of course, built his fortune through extorting “diversity” protection money from American business. Ring a bell?)

A keynote of Massachusetts government is its Commonwealth Care, shamefully signed into law by former Governor Mitt Romney, which has become The Monster That Ate The State Budget. Expanding far past what had been envisioned, it has, after just two years, an annual (admitted) shortfall of $ 1.3 B (billion) against a total state budget of $ 28 B. Patrick has just warned that between 2008 and 2011, Commonwealth Care will double in cost and size. Since Democrat financial estimates are pure bullshit, a more reliable estimate is that by 2011, Commonwealth Care will cost this one small state an “over run” of $ 3.9 B to $5.2 B a year.

Now, on to America. Obama Care is a highlight of The One's presidential campaign. Unfortunately, independent estimates predict that under Obama Care, 50 million people who now have private health care will lose it and be forced into Obama’s plan. Conservative estimates of the cost of Obama Care are $ 240 B a year, but that is clearly low-ball. When you consider that the PDRM is already facing financial disaster because of Commonwealth Care, it is clear that the true cost of Obama Care – aside from people being forced into a Soviet Union-style health care system characterized by low standards, graft, and waiting until you die – will cost approximately $ 600 B the first year, with annual costs rising by 60% per year, until, by 2012, the most conservative estimate of Obama Care will be $ 2.45 trillion a year, with no end in cost increases. Now, just consider what you’ll get for this money. Less choice. Long waits to see a doctor – any doctor. Substandard medicine (why do you think that the rich from overseas immediately climb aboard their private jets and fly directly to a U.S. hospital?) A big drop in U.S. business productivity (people with chronic illness don’t produce much). And a federal budget that has nothing left for anything after paying for its entitlement programs.

Something to consider like, well, death, when you enter the voting booth in November.

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