Shame on the NRA

28 July 2010


The DISCLOSE Act is being debated in the US Senate, with the Democrats as yet unable to break a filibuster. In short, the DISCLOSE Act would prohibit people and groups from speaking against Democrats and Liberals before an election. Democrat favorites, like the thugish labor unions (SEIU, teachers’ unions) would be exempt.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has lately begun identifying itself as a civil rights group, as they believe the right to defend yourself or your family is the most basic of civil rights. This is a hard argument to lose. If we can’t keep someone else from killing us or our families, can we enjoy any civil rights? This writer has long been an NRA member but may now quit the group.

I am very disappointed to learn that the NRA backs the unconstitutional DISCLOSE Act in return for being exempted from the bill’s restraints. The NRA’s support for Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, is just icing on the cake. Reid may be a luke-warm supporter of the right to own rifles, but he has spent a career cursing gun owners and pushing to make handguns illegal.

In all, this behavior by the NRA indicates that the organization has abandoned its support of the Bill of Rights, especially the First Amendment, freedom of speech, and may now become part of the problem. The most likely explanation is expediency; that freedom for the moment to be able to speak freely is worth losing that right, and indeed the entire organization, in the long run. But as Ben Franklin is famously quoted as saying: “They that would sacrifice an essential liberty for a momentary security deserve neither liberty nor security.”

Until the NRA explains itself convincingly, I assert that the organization is selling its soul to the Devil and in doing so, betraying the 70,000,000 lawful gun owners in the United States.

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