A Modest Energy Proposal


We have an historic opportunity to quickly address the domestic energy/oil problem. People with jobs cannot continue to pay for $4 - $6 gasoline. Leftist trust babies, the MSM, and academia want to enforce oil shortages in order to “spur” development of such promising energy sources as wind, solar power, dilithium crystals, zero point modules, and hydrogen sulfide generated by mammals. They can feel good about themselves by, even as piggish users of energy, they pay “carbon credits," which are to the energy problem as LSD is to concise thinking.

Why not, instead, make the Left pay for the gasoline needed by working Americans while still “feeling good about themselves” instead of buying carbon credits that no one except the wealthy can afford? It would be relatively simple to add to annual tax payment forms (federal and state) an “energy surcharge” in the same vein as the option to give money to a presidential election fund. Although this plan might inconvenience such animals as horny polar bears and the Eastern Whistling Turtle, this will allow kind leftists to both help the more needy in America and salve their consciences about the environment.

I realize that similar plans have failed. Massachusetts has had for several decades a line on the state income tax form that allows the taxpayers to voluntarily give more taxes than they owe. While the response to this option has been low (0.02% of Massachusetts taxpayers have actually chosen to take advantage of this option to help their fellow citizens), a transfer of money from the Left to the struggling, working public will allow those who are working on building naquada generators and distilling pixie dust to help in the shorter term their fellow citizens’ financial problems in paying for energy against a background of the Left’s prohibiting the county from tapping any of its estimated 400 hundred year+ supply of fossil fuel.

Such an Energy Use tax option will require Congressional approval. Please contact Speaker Nancy Pelosi at sf.nancy@mail.house.gov and Harry Reid at http://reid.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm. Explain your concern about supporting America’s workforce through this difficult transitional period from our era’s dependence upon coal and oil to the clean, abundant energy of the future.

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