U.S. Government discovers “Precrime”

In his 1956 story, published in Fantastic Universe Magazine, science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_K._Dick) envisioned a dystopian future in which murders were prevented before they happened. Three mutant humans, known as “precogs,” see the murders in the future and warn the police. The police then arrive in SWAT Teams and take-away the bewildered “pre-murderer,” thus stopping the murder in question and creating a changed timeline (the film 2002 version of the story changes many of the original’s details).

Yet in another example of life imitating fiction, the U.S. Congress and President Obama are running full-bore to force “precrime technology” upon the United States.

The key common element in all of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi legislation is the determination to punish “precriminals” before they break the law, while using the power of government to damn them publicly and destroy them in the press. Wall Street? Car builders? Banks? Conservatives? Lawful gun owners? Veterans? Millions of Tea Partiers? White men? All are evil and must be destroyed by legislation that pre-punishes them while destroying their reputations and their leaders. On the other hand, Violent Black Panthers? Career congressional criminals? Homicidal union thugs? Billionaire career friends of the White House? Then they must be made “preinnocent” and their glaringly criminal behavior ignored, hidden, or forgiven.

In Dick’s story, the precrime concept is shown to be faulty and the entire entity is dissolved. Here in the real world of 2010, Pelosi-Reid-Obama and their minions are moving towards their well-earned status of “predefeated.”

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