The Madness of Tom Menino

Monday, July 16, 2007… In the comedy novel “Anybody Got a Match?” writer Max Shulman created a college whose football players were so huge, so mean, and so hard to hurt that the story’s characters mumbled about their having been created and bred in some secret laboratory since they clearly could not have been recruited from normal college applicants. In the ongoing real life tragedy that is Boston’s “Area B” (the politically correct euphemism for the black and Hispanic neighborhoods of Roxbury, Mattapan & Dorchester), the fictional and comedic idea of breeding a constituency has been made real in the purposeful ongoing maintenance of an ever larger and perpetually violent underclass that ensures a permanent majority Democrat voting block of the victims of crime and the white Liberals who attend fancy parties in Brookline and Newton and the Back Bay to congratulate one another on their enlightened stewardship of the area’s “oppressed people of color.”

Over the past weekend, reports the Boston Herald:

“…five people, including a child, were shot in two separate explosions of gunfire in Mattapan within a 30-minute period Saturday night, police Commissioner Ed Davis raced to both shooting scenes…. Roxbury Judge R. Peter Anderson released a man with a history of violent crimes on a paltry $250 bail last week in connection with a shooting that critically wounded a man outside a crowded barroom… Liquarry Jefferson, just 8, was shot dead in Dorchester last month by a bullet fired by his 7-year-old cousin with a gun secreted in his big half-brother’s bedroom… since February, 2002, the average homicide clearance rate - that is the number of people arrested for murder - hovers around 35 percent: well below the national average. The number of people arrested for shootings is even worse than that. Right now, the clearance rate for the 146 shootings that wounded people, some critically, in the first six months of 2007 is just 28, a dismal 19 percent… Then there is the issue of failing gun prosecutions. In 2006, Boston police arrested 723 people on firearms related charges. Yet [the vaunted gun court] only prosecuted 295 cases, winning just 170 convictions…”

Homicidal violence in Boston from drug dealers and gang bangers continues to rise. Mayor Tom Menino, a man of intelligence, integrity, industry, and the utter blindness of New Deal Liberalism, sits in his office in City Hall seething at … guns and conservatives. Menino and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are in the midst of a national campaign to stop inner city violence by … stopping anyone from buying a gun anywhere in the United States. Reports the coalition:

“Six months after hosting a landmark summit of mayors united against the plague of illegal guns, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced the expansion of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns to 109 mayors in 44 states across the country and announced that the next summit would take place in January 2007 in Washington, DC. The mayors represent every region of the United States and include Republicans, Democrats and Independents. The expansion of the coalition builds upon the original group of 15 mayors who convened in April for the first Mayors’ Summit on Illegal Guns. Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Menino today also announced the launch of the Coalition’s website,, fulfilling a pledge from the first Summit to create an information sharing resource. The website provides a range of information on the illegal gun issue, including best practices and innovative state and federal legislative efforts. In addition, this fall the Mayors of Atlanta, Boston and Chicago will be the first to host regional working groups designed to encourage a dialogue among regional senior city officials and improve inter-city coordination in the fight against illegal guns. Mayors Bloomberg and Menino were joined today by Yonkers Mayor Philip Amicone and Providence Mayor David Cicilline for the announcement at Boston’s City Hall…”

Mayors Bloomberg and Menino have jumped-into this campaign whole-heartedly despite the clear fact that stopping gun violence by banning the national sale and possession of guns is as workable as stopping smoking by banning the sale and possession of matches. Bloomberg is also fighting federal legislation that protects lawful gun owners’ privacy in the belief that all gun owners are criminals and probably just pre-homicidal. This belief is taken to its logical conclusion in Massachusetts, where all lawful gun owners must register as criminals with the state’s Criminal History System Board, and may not move without first notifying the police and the state of the move (something not required of most convicted sex offenders). Massachusetts has already given the United States the worst, most punitive gun laws in the nation. Of course, these laws have done nothing to decrease gun violence in the state. More than coincidence?

And as the Gun Owners Action League notes, in June, John Rosenthal, a man made wealthy in real estate who has made a second career of trying to ban the private ownership of guns in the U.S., “… went on WRKO [and] admitted to Violating Federal Gun Law. On Tuesday, July 10, 2007 John Rosenthal, of Stop Handgun Violence and the crypto-gun banning American Hunters and Shooters Association, was on the air to discuss his organization’s new political billboard slamming the National Rifle Association. The giant billboard blames the National Rifle Association for the country’s illegal gun violence. During his radio appearance, a Boston Globe reporter explained how he and Rosenthal had attended a gun show in New Hampshire over a year ago. The trip was supposed to prove how easy it was for criminals to buy a handgun in New Hampshire. They actually found that it was not possible to do so without violating several laws. Rosenthal explained that when he tried to purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer, he was told he could not because he was not a resident of New Hampshire. Bailey and Rosenthal then explained how they brought a New Hampshire resident with them, supposedly a prison guard, who was able to pass the background checks and purchase the gun for them… when asked by the hosts of the show if he had committed a straw purchase, Rosenthal admitted that he had indeed conducted a straw purchase to prove a point. Unfortunately for Rosenthal, the point is that he and Bailey had to admit that it was illegal for him to go to New Hampshire and purchase a handgun. He also had to admit that the only way for him to obtain a handgun at the gun show was to do it illegally by conducting a federally prohibited straw purchase and thereby committing a felony. Unfortunately, the person most vocal in Massachusetts about increasing the restrictions on lawful gun ownership has himself committed a gun crime and will most likely never be prosecuted for it. This is yet another example of the great hypocrisy from the anti-civil rights elite…”

Mayor Menino is simply the inescapable result of 70 years of big city Liberal politics which treats all problems as being inflicted upon liberals by conservatives in general and gun ownership in particular. I heard it all growing up. My father and mother were essentially apolitical but my aunts and cousins were closet socialists whose immigrant Russian father hated the wealthy with a hatred only a survivor of Czarist pogroms could feel and who felt that Franklin Roosevelt had single-handedly saved the United States after the stock market crash of 1929 (a theory now being debunked nearly every month by economists not blinded by worship of 20th century economic cant as practiced by tenured faculty in ivory towers). Growing up Massachusetts Jewish I heard it all. There are no bad people, only people society has failed. Jails punish the victims of society’s crimes. Guns are evil. Only mental defectives and people who live in trailers in Mississippi own guns. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Negroes aren’t really that bright (said in a whisper) and have been permanently crippled by the legacy of slavery and just can’t be expected to fend for themselves, so society owes them a living that also keeps them permanently dependent upon patronizing Liberals and liberal politics. People make the military a career only because they can’t get better jobs. There was real anguish in my mom’s face when I enlisted in the Navy in 1967 as a seaman apprentice – naval aviation officer candidate. (To her credit, she did sign for me at age 20 and did not try to dissuade me). Every day since I thank the Navy for subsequently showing me the real world and letting me work with the best people you’ll ever find.

Mayor Menino’s rage at lawful gun ownership and his stupid, ill-advised attempt to decrease crime in Boston by preventing someone in Florida from buying a gun is the unavoidable result of the liberal politics that are his life. For it is this rage and the ongoing criminal activities by those such as Bloomberg and Rosenthal (why are my fellow Jews always in the forefront of raging against self defense?) that dooms them to failure. They are simply incapable of condemning the savagery into which black and Hispanic inner city neighborhoods have descended, for to do so would require them to demand an assumption of personal responsibility by “people of color” antithetical to Liberalism. If black and Hispanic inner city hell-holes like “Area B” were to demand that their residents behave, get jobs, chuck the loathsome rap music and idiotic clothes, abandon career drug dependency and its parasitic crime, there would be no such endless shootings like those now killing Boston an inch at a time. The Democrat Party knows this, of course. But it needs the 95% Democrat voting block in Boston and other big cities drowning in blood and drugs. This is the real madness of Tom Menino and his big city mayoral brethren: the paralyzing cognitive dissonance that erupts from the knowledge that they are helpless to save their cities and their political careers without renouncing the self-destructive policies that have been their lives. Mayor Menino's latest attempt to help solve Boston's 65% unsolved homicides is -- to appoint another new head of homicide detectives who will operate exactly as did his unsuccessful predecessor. And as the nation’s “Area Bs” continue to create new generations of people trapped inside Liberalism’s Marxist fantasy world, the violence will increase as liberals demand that the rest of the country give-up its liberties to pay for the failures of liberalism. That’s true madness.

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