When Your Town Government Gets Your Medical Records

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22 August 2009

“HR 3200: Section 1401, Page 503: The Government will build a central electronic database of ALL private medical records and may secure directly from any agency or department information necessary to carry-out the provisions of this Bill…”

While President Obama’s Healthcare Plan contains a multitude of horrors, perhaps the worst is making available online to your local town government and police your complete personal records.

Do not be calmed by assurances that these records will be assiduously protected and available only to proper channels for the purpose of ensuring your health. Just look at the “security” of your private information. Last week it was revealed that as many as 130 million Americans have had their social security numbers and credit account data stolen from business private records. The ever-growing myriad of companies promising to ensure your data privacy is not the result of a system that protects your information. So now comes ObamaCare, which, if passed, will absolutely allow your local police department – in the interest of “public safety” – to see your private medical records. That period after your husband died and you saw a psychiatrist for months to get over the grief? Reason to revoke your license to carry firearms as “unfit” due to having a psychiatric record. That time your prescription for Terazosin for prostate problems caused you to faint at work once as you stood up because of momentary hypotension? Bye-bye driver’s license because you are a “public safety hazard.” The time you told your doctor that you had suicidal thoughts after your best friend died? Kiss your commercial driver’s license and your trucker’s job goodbye. The time you ran outside in your shorts to get your newspaper, fell down the steps, and were taken to the hospital as seen by the neighbor’s ten year old? Bingo! You are now a sex offender! Ever have a vindictive spouse claim at the hospital that you ‘threw her down’ and hurt her? You will never again set foot inside a town school if you are a teacher. The possibilities are endless, especially where local government is already out of control (think Deep Blue states).

Just one more thing to consider in the president’s promise to “make us more like the rest of the world.” Dunking stool, anyone?