More Mass. Shame (a continuing series)


29 April 2011

As many already know, Massachusetts’ Worst in the Nation Gun Laws ( has kept criminals laughing and honest people defenseless since their adoption in 1998. Made law under the lie of “protecting the consumer from defective products,” ( the laws were imposed upon the law-abiding by the state attorney general and slobberingly embraced by the state’s far-Left Democrat party.

One of the several hundred of new regulations requires any firearm – and I mean any -- to be locked so as to keep it “safe” from unauthorized use.

I recently visited a wonderful museum dedicated to the First and Second World Wars. The place is full of documents, uniforms, and too much memorabilia to list here. There are also many pistols and rifles. The pistols are all locked in Plexiglas displays, but the rifles are placed next to manikins wearing military period uniforms. A sign notes that all the rifles have had their receivers permanently disabled. Yet, on each and every rifle is a Massachusetts-approved trigger lock. There is one exception. The tank on display does not have a lock on its cannon.

Thus does the stupidity and evil of the Massachusetts’ Democrat Party continue to seep into every corner of the state that once began the nation’s fight for independence from tyranny. The trigger locks serve only three functions: detract from the displays, impose an additional, needless cost penalty upon the museum’s owners, and to display to the rest of the world that the Democrat Party remains stupid, vicious, and gleefully anti-American in every sense of the word.

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