Open Letter to Yale University President re. Enrolled Taliban Thug

Dr. Richard C. Levin


Yale University

105 Wall Street

New Haven, CT 06520

Dr. Levin:

Just a short note to let you know how loathsome is your decision to enroll an ignorant, uneducated, anti-Semitic, murderous thug as a Yale undergraduate. Your decision is indefensible and tells volumes of how rotten Yale has become. Yale disgraced itself during the Vietnam War and continues to do so in the new century as a leader in treason. How you -- a fellow Jew -- could be complicit in admitting to your school a man who brags about killing Jews -- is incomprehensible and shows the moral bankruptcy of the American Jewish Left.

I am not a Yale alum. However, your behavior has spurred me to join a group working towards de-funding your college and exposing its shame to the world.



The Nav Log will publish Dr. Levin's reply -- if he has the balls to do so.