“They Killed Kenny! You Racists!”

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24 July 2009

Followers of the Comedy Central Channel series “South Park” will be well familiar with this running gag. One of the animated 8-year-olds is a hapless kid named Kenny, a lower-class kid in the fictional city of South Park, CO. Kenny’s entire face is never seen as he is always shown wearing a parka with the hood tightly cinched and his words are always indecipherably muffled. As the gag goes, in most episodes of the first five seasons Kenny is killed messily. As his young friends stand over the body, one yells, “They killed Kenny!” and another responds, “You bastards!” In the next episode Kenny is again alive to be killed yet again and again. Over the seasons of South Park, this gag is understood by all viewers and the claim that Kenny is really dead becomes just a harmless laugh.

Real life is catching-up with South Park. Last week, lunatic-Left Sen. Barbara Boxer held another hearing to show how popular are her pet causes – in this case, Obama’s Cap and Trade Ripoff. As a way to show how “with the little people” she is, she lectured Harry Alford of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, that the NAACP is behind her latest fascistic power-grab, and that since the NBCC “is also black,” he must agree with the NAACP and another, smaller crank group of professional black race mongers – the 100 Black Men of America. Mr. Alford had had it.

“What does this have to do with being black?” he asked in exasperation. He went on to express his outrage that, because he’s black, Boxer assumed that he’d jump on the Perpetual Black Victim Wagon and cry “racist!” in response to Boxer’s assertion that whatever the NAACP claimed had to be the fact and that any opposition was, of course, racist. It was a true “South Park” moment. Kenny has been declared dead so many times that no one any longer notices or cares.

More recently, when police in Cambridge, MA, arrested the Leftist lunatic Henry Gates (Professor of Hatred and Black Victimology at Harvard) for being out of control when police responded to reports he was burglarizing someone’s house, The President took the opportunity to have a planted reporter ask him about the incident at a press conference in an attempt to draw public attention away from Obama’s Great Healthcare Robbery. Obama replied that the cops were “stupid” and that this was just another unfortunate example of the white hatred of blacks that is endemic in our evil Western culture.

But a funny thing has happened. Rather than be congratulated upon his Leadership and his Intellect and his just reinforcing that everyone knows that stupid white people hate and want to persecute blacks, the response to his comment has been 75% against Obama (and counting). Yes, the hatemongers at Dumpsterunderground and dailypsykosis are out there, spewing venom at police in general and Cambridge Police in particular, but they are standing nearly alone.

What’s happened is that the screech of “Racism!” – a false charge that has been used to ruin lives of conservatives and anyone else opposing the Left’s Marxist hatred of America – has decomposed to a South Park episode in which everyone knows that “They Killed Kenny!” is simply an unbelievable joke, and a joke that’s wearing thin. For purposes of comedy only. However, no one over 50 is laughing at Obamacare’s provision to treat criminal aliens first and let people over 50 die so the resources can be “reallocated” to younger people who vote Democrat. Rather, what is becoming increasingly likely is the cry from Nancy Pelosi, “You Killed Obamacare! You Bastards!” Now THAT would be entertaining!

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