November 11, 2005

Dear Senator Kerry:

Your history of slandering and ignoring us veterans remains unbroken by any episodes of honesty or honor. You use us only for your personal political gain and to help cement your support among the Starbucks Marxists who continue to be the foundation of your ever shrinking political base.

And now comes today’s shameful attack upon we vets and the president. I did not think it possible for you to sink deeper than you did in 1971, when, during the fraudulent “Winter Soldier Investigation,” you called us Vietnam vets rapists, baby killers, and mass murderers. You knew these charges were lies but used them carefully and maliciously to help yourself at the expense of fellow veterans and of the country. One of my greatest sources of pride is that we Vietnam vets helped defeat your presidential run in 2004. You are the living embodiment of the legendary Navy fitness report that states, “This officer’s performance started in a hole and he has continued to dig.”

Your claim today on Veterans Day, 2005, that President Bush’s speech “dishonored America’s veterans by playing the politics of fear and smear on Veterans Day” is yet another lie aimed only at hurting the president while attempting to somehow whiten your shabby, soiled reputation – a well-earned reputation far beyond any cleaning. Your ability to lie for self-aggrandizement is boundless. It was you who so viciously slandered my shipmates and me when it suited your twisted political ambitions. Now, you berate the president for ‘not honoring our men and women in uniform by not having a clear strategy for success in Iraq.’ You are utterly without honor, Sir. After having voiced support for the Iraq War because you felt it would help you win the presidency (or maybe not – did you vote for it before you voted against it or the other way around?), you now fault President Bush for having continued this noble effort while you and your Leftist colleagues shrill from the sidelines while giving aid and comfort to international terrorism. You claim that the president “misled the nation into war” by acting upon the same intelligence you had that stated that Iraq presented a clear and present danger to the USA and its allies. More shame on you, Senator. And “that’s why Scooter Libby was indicted”? That’s just plain incoherent and typical of your rhetoric. Two thousand Americans dead? Yes, 2,000 volunteers, none of whom who – unlike you -- gamed the system to run away after four months and numerous questionable awards, abandoning your men and then turning-around and slandering them for political and personal gain.

After the way you lied and dishonored your shipmates in 1971 you are the last person to be complaining about dishonoring America’s servicemen. Your meeting with the enemy in France in 1971 should have earned you dismissal from the Navy (you were still a Naval Reserve Officer at the time) and a stiff prison sentence. Three hundred and twenty one days ago you promised the American public the release of your entire service record. We’re still waiting. I don’t blame you for wanting to hide your original 1972 Navy discharge “under other than honorable conditions” (not the re-do President Carter gave you in 1978 as a personal favor so you could run for office as a Democrat). You remain a pitiful man, with no moral rudder, abetted by situational morality, whose only driving force is one for personal power and wealth, who will sacrifice anyone and anything toward that end. Shame on you and the rest of the Massachusetts Congressional Embarrassment.