Conservatives Re-fight the Battle of Kasserine Pass


In February, 1943, the US and British Armies met the German Army in the first major battle of the European Campaign for the US in WW II. In short order, the tough, experienced, well-organized but out-numbered Germans butchered the Allies, with 10,000 Allies (6,500 Americans) killed or captured. German casualties were one-fifth that of the Allies. Tank and vehicle losses were 889 for the Allies, 34 for the Germans.

The loss resulted in many top generals being fired by Eisenhower. Details were kept secret – the standard policy during WW II -- so people back home wouldn’t panic.

There were many reasons for this US defeat. The Allies were under-equipped, poorly led, badly organized, and relatively new to war (the Germans having been at war since 1939). In the aftermath of the battle, sweeping changes were made in organization, leadership, tactics, and equipment (American tanks were vastly inferior to those of the Germans and served mainly as targets).

Which brings us to today’s US politics. Since the election of President Obama, conservatives have been almost exclusively on the defense. It took forty years, but today’s Democrats/Liberals finally overcame America’s center-right politics to usher-in their “socialist democracy” that has changed Europe from a barking, bustling, noisy, center for individual rights and sweaty capitalism into a middle-aged, neutered house pet, so dependent upon being taken care of that it would be dead in a week if their socialist state changed. The final grab of the US Government by career socialists and communists has been achieved. The passage of ObamaCare is the Left’s first step in emulating Europe’s weak-kneed, dependent, passive society, under assault from every hare-brained communist idea to ever be discredited again and again. Do not be fooled by the recent wins by Republicans in several states’ elections. The Left has control and will never, ever willingly give it up. The same nasty, bigoted, selfish, self-righteous people with whom I attended college are now in charge. As they threw rocks and bottles at ROTC cadets on my campus, they remain dedicated to taking-over society with themselves at the top, “for the benefit of all,” of course. As they were in their youth, there is no compromise with their desire to rule through any means possible.

If conservatives are ever again to be in power, they need to learn from the Battle of Kasserine Pass, embodied now by Obamacare. The Left has succeeded despite it being heavily outnumbered by conservatives. The Allies of WW II went on from that loss at Kasserine to become the world’s un-matched military power. In a little more than two years, they reached Berlin and ended the Nazi nightmare. In just another three months Japan fell. Today’s Tea Party rallies, talk shows, and pleas for money are ways for conservatives to vent their disappointment and righteous anger but so far, they have been powerless to affect change. There is much talk of getting even in November, 2010. But the reality is that our Liberal friends will do anything – perhaps declare martial law and suspend elections – to retain power. If change is wanted by the public, change must be achieved by conservatives regarding their organization, leadership, tactics, and equipment. Being tough is also a requirement for them. The Left has its Rent-a-Mobs that show-up in chartered buses, with catered meals and matching outfits and professionally-done posters and signs. Right now the unions and tax-funded “public interest groups” carry the day, abetted by a “press” of which Goebbels would be proud. The Pelosi-Reid Congress has shown itself overtly to be in utter contempt of the public, which now opposes them by a staggering 80-14 ratio. It is the dawn of Congress as a Middle-Eastern satrapy, which they plan to keep into perpetuity. Only meaningful changes from the majority of US voters will reverse this tide.

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