The Loathsome Left Attacks the Man Who Dared Challenge “The One”


By now we have all heard about Joe the Plumber. Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio recently challenged Obama after a rally, asking The One if he would be hit by Obama’s “rich tax,” to be used to club successful small businesses into cringing submission. See, Joe dreams of buying the small business for which he has busted his ass for the last 12 years. Perhaps it was the lateness of the day, but Obama answered honestly: that as president He will make sure everyone “shares the wealth” by taking more money from the successful worker and businessman and giving it to the largest single voter groups for Obama: the indolent, the tenured trust baby; the unsuccessful, the professional victim, and the career low-earning lunatic who attends all town meetings wearing a ratty sweater, a gray ponytail, and sandals (even in winter) and carrying a sign that says, “Hang The Traitors Bush/Cheney!”

Well, Joe has received a lot of attention. At the third presidential debate, McCain reamed Obama over this exchange and left Obama sputtering. That Cannot Be Tolerated.

So, Joe is being dismembered by Obama’s Press Whores. In two days the Press Brothel has spent more research time on Joe than they have spent on Obama in 20 months. So far, Joe has been accused of (1) using a false name (Joe is his middle name, that scoundrel!); not being a plumber; of being a tax deadbeat; of being a McCain plant; of celebrating Black Sabbath in his local devil’s church; and of being the Gao’uld system lord formerly known by ancient Egyptians as Sucksithor, the god of lies and child molestation. (OK. I made up the last two, but only because it won’t be until TOMORROW that the Obama Press Whores make those claims against Joe, too. I fully expect them to next attack Joe’s wife and children.)

What the Left and the Press Brothel don’t understand is that Joe has become a symbol of what people are wondering about Obama, and it ain’t good. Now, to compound their problems, the Left is attacking a good man whose only crime was to publicly question The One. (aka “Glass Jaw”) And The One Is Not Amused. How dare a commoner -- who didn’t even get an affirmative action pass into Harvard Law School – question Him on policy! And that is what may well win this for McCain. The more the voters get a load of Obama and his henchmen in real time in these final few weeks before the election, the more nauseated they become. Like the effete John Kerry and the blow-hard Al Gore, Barack Obama just can’t help himself. The Greeks used such character flaws as devices in their tragedies. And the characters in their plays deserved what they got.

p.s. As of this date, Obama’s lead over McCain has shrunk from 11 points to seven to six to three. Two more weeks should just about do it. This race will be even going into the polls. The wholesale theft of votes by the execrable ACORN may be balanced by the “Obama Factor” (those damn Pennsylvania racists!) and by a Press Whore Polling Industry that is slanting its polls to drive election results. Stay tuned.

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