Irrational Hatred of Freedom

July 24, 2012

Are Liberals Crazy? Ten (or more) Reasons They Might Be

(inspired by John Cassidy at The New Yorker)

“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the people’s liberty teeth keystone… the rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable… more than 99% of them by their silence indicate that they are in safe and sane hands. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference. When firearms go, all goes, we need them every hour.” -- -George Washington, 1st session of Congress

That was the first president of the United States and the hero of the Revolutionary War. Having read some of the comments made since the Aurora shooting, I can only agree. There was, to the best of anyone's knowledge, not one armed citizen in the theater who could have stopped the madman in his tracks, let alone saved his spouse or child. Colorado, you see, like most states, makes it difficult for the law-abiding to get a license to carry a concealed weapon. Then Aurora shooter, of course, was under no such limitations. Violent criminals never are. He didn't need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. He just pulled his car up to the theater, opened the door, and blasted away.

As Mr. Cassidy notes, President Obama has failed to pursue more restrictions on the sale and possession of firearms, because he knows that the vast majority of Americans heed Washington’s words and the ghost of 1994 still haunts Liberals like the Ghost of Christmas Future. And as Cassidy also notes, when Bill Moyers, Keith Olbermann, Mayor Bloomberg, and Rupert Murdoch are all in favor of punishing the law-abiding by denying them the ability to protect their families and themselves while in public, something, well, we know that they are utterly wrong in their toffee-nosed views, alien to most Americans’ beliefs. And that just drives Cassidy nuts because, you see, he and his friends are just so much… so much … well, smarter and better educated than you.

What are these shared Liberal convictions? I, too, could go on all day, but here, for argument’s sake, are ten (or so). Not all Liberals subscribe to them, of course. In some instances, the true believers may amount to a small but vocal minority. Still, the Progressive sentiment underlying these statements is so strong that Progressives dare speak them only among themselves and the utterly discredited drooling lapdog press.

1. There are no bad people, only those whom society has failed.

2. Prisons simply unjustly punish minorities.

2a. No member of a sanctioned minority can commit a crime; rather, they are simply acting-out justifiable (name the minority) rage.

3. Guns contain evil spirits that leap out, take control of the law-abiding, and force them to commit massacres as in Aurora.

4. God did not bless America.

4a. There is no God, only an all-seeing, benevolent Government. And the IRS.

5. Only Government can run a just and affordable health system. If the elderly have to be sacrificed, well, that is unfortunate.

6. The so-called Founding Fathers were martial, homicidal slave masters who established a white, Christian, patriarchic, racist satrapy that has been undone only through the graces of a “living Constitution” and those Progressives brave enough to make America socially just, like Obama.

7. America is a disgrace to the world.

8. The term “taxes” is misleading. All money belongs to the government, which graciously allows you to keep a little from what you owe to others.

9. . America is a warring nation: the reason it gets involved in so many wars is that the moneyed elite want it that way to enrich themselves.

10. Dilithium crystal chambers, flux capacitors, cold fusion reactors, car engines that burn water, and other inventions have been suppressed by Big Oil to enrich themselves while impoverishing the middle class and destroying the world’s resources.

10a. Big Oil billionaires compete with one another to see how many pelts from endangered animals they can skin to upholster their mansions and the interiors of their Gulfstream Vs. (see: Natural Resources Defense Council website)

11. Everybody else wishes they were Europe, particularly Greece. Or Nigeria.

12. Depend upon the police. After all, within minutes they will arrive to string yellow tape around your dead body.

None of these statements are true, but they form the netting that supports the Lunatic Media and the Pomegranate Left (red on the outside; gold on the inside). But truth or falsehood isn’t the point here: it is whether or not certain beliefs are amenable to reason. I don’t think these are, which is what puts them in the category of irrationality, flakiness, nonsense, nuttiness, absurdity, craziness, and a staring into the face of an on-rushing train while exclaiming that it is really a gentle herd of unicorns coming to love you.

Call it what you want, the upshot is the same: a failure to look reality in the eye and deal with it on a sensible, empirical basis. Which, if you think about it, pretty much defines Washington politics over the past twenty or thirty years.