The Illegal Armyís Logistics Train

If you squint east into the morning Sun you see the glinting shapes moving slowly towards you along Main Street in Westborough. Many shapes, blurred by distance and the Sunís brilliance. If you are patient and keep squinting along Main Street, the shapes finally are resolved as the small army of illegals that work in town. A company of pedestrians carrying cheap mesh bags, they are preceded by a battalion of battered bicycles, coming out of the Sun, starting another day at work. Most that cannot afford a $ 1,000 fake driversí licenses do not drive, the better to avoid a police confrontation, although Governor Patrick has forbidden police from referring any illegals to ICE. Braver ones are driving farting, smoking wrecks of rusty old Toyotas and Plymouths which either sport the bright red ďRĒ of ďRejected for Safety Ė Do Not DriveĒ state inspection sticker or bearing no sticker at all. Cars with fake plates and no insurance, just another potentially lethal insult to the taxpaying citizens they pass. Itís six in the morning and the Army of Illegals is going to work.

They cannot, of course, afford to live in Westborough. Instead, they find a squat somewhere else in less grand towns near Westborough Ė Upton or Northbridge, maybe. They are going to work at their jobs in local businesses and for individuals. If there is someone in Westborough who does not know these people are criminal aliens it would be news. But an economy is a funny thing. Why shouldnít I be able to find affordable day care or cleaning help when both my husband and I work full-time in Boston or Worcester? Itís not as if we have the extra money to pay citizens to do the same job. What does the government want Ė that one of us has to quit and stay home with the kids? Clean our own homes? Do our own gardening? And why should my brother lose his business, the one he and his wife have spent the last 27 years building into a success that pays taxes and spends money locally? If my brother had to fire his illegals Ė 70% of his help Ė heíd be out of business and he and his wife and kids would be broke and perhaps homeless. Is that fair?

Sure, everyone wants the borders secured. No one wants another 9-11, do they? After all, my nephew is deployed to Iraq with the Army, isnít he? And I did my turn in Vietnam. Heck, I met my wife in the PI on leave then. Iím no racist. Hell, my daughter and son-in-law adopted a Cambodian kid and I love him like my own.

Amnesty for illegals? Donít get me started! My dad came from Poland, after all, when he was 2 and he and his family made it by hard work and grit and smarts. Thatís the American way. You got here and lived in a tenement (and kept it clean!) and worked two or three jobs and sweated and learned English and got an education and became a graduate engineer and finally got a good job and paid your taxes and didnít ask for hand-outs and finally, when it was your turn, you became a Citizen. How can anyone respect or accept people who sneak in like rats and refuse to learn English or get an education but just drop anchor babies and suck-up tax money and drive without insurance and then send all they make back to Mexico or China or Takeadumpistan or some other hell hole? And the Democrats in Cambridge want to give them the vote!

When did having European ancestors make you are "racist?" Just who do they think invented the modern world, anyway? Mexicans? Africans? Arabs?

Are we going to get this solved by politicians? Donít make me laugh. Iíll bet Teddy Kennedy doesnít have too many uninsured illegals driving Mad Max cars up to his mansion in Hyannisport or John Kerry up on Beacon Hill, where he had the city remove a fire hydrant that annoyed him. I wonder how many of Heinzís farm workers are documented. Richard Neal? Heís busy at the Annual Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered Bisexual, Bestiality, Space Alien Love Festival in Northampton. Donít get me started.

So my town Ė not nearly as grand as Westborough -- just raised the tax rate again because 78% of all tax money going to the schools isnít enough to cover the cost of the new high school, new middle school, and new elementary school in a town of just 16,000 people of modest income being buried in kids of illegals who the courts have ordered be given an education and G-d help you if you have the balls to ask if they or their parents are citizens Ďcause the ACLU will barbeque your genitals live on PBS for being a ďracist.Ē Funny. I heard that not one justice on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has a kid in a public school.

So now itís six in the evening and the drab, slow army of illegals wearily heads east, out of town, the Sun now at their backs. On foot, on bicycles, in skanky, vaporous old cars that have no business on the road, they retire to whatever old mattress awaits them for the night. Hey. No one wants another 9-11 but everyone deserves a chance to make a living, right? No one wants to even think about the fact that illegal aliens are committing crimes like murder and child molestation and rape and armed robbery at rates far, far above their representation in the population. That illegal bastard who killed a mom and her kid driving drunk for the tenth time. The tenth time! Iraq is five years now and maybe they wonít really come after us here and kill tens or hundreds of thousands of us if we pull out and call it a day. We can send men to the Moon and back and you tell me we canít build a freakiní fence along the Mexican border and set border guards there to secure it? You think Iím that stupid?

Iím tired, too. And besides, ďAmerican IdolĒ is on in half an hour.

Iím a patriotic American. I served in Nam and my dad served in Europe during World War II with hard-charging General George Patton. Old George gave his superiors fits because he kept outrunning his supply train. I think the supply chain for the countryís illegal army is far more robust. Itís all of us, isnít it? With support like that, how can they lose? And how can we win?

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