A Day at Voodoo State Park, Massachusetts


Hopkinton State Park, in central Massachusetts, is a 1,450 facility with boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking. Until recently, it was a very pleasant place in which to relax, read, swim, eat a picnic lunch, grab some sun, walk, bike, or canoe. But in the past few years, as more and more immigrants – legal and criminal --have flocked to Massachusetts after Gov. Deval Patrick (who may be in line to be the new Secretary of Homeland Security in an Obama Administration) has made Massachusetts a sanctuary state, the park has been radically transformed.

Last week my wife and I went to the park for some relaxation, she to sun and swim and me to sit in the shade and catch-up on my reading. We have enjoyed this park for years. But this day was different.

I set-up my folding chair in the shade of one of the small trees while my lady positioned her lounger next to me. The tree is not large and the shade it provides is limited. As my lady sunbathed and I read, I became aware of some people joining me under the small tree. I moved my chair as far as I could and still be in the shade.

Alas, this was not enough. More and more people started crowding into the shade and my lady and I were literally being slowly shoved out from under the tree. I started paying more attention. The people were speaking a language I could not identify – screaming it, actually – with several very large women shrieking at the growing number of unruly kids running around. Several of the kids began playing ball over my wife and me. More and more of this group were arriving every moment, now perhaps 25 in all, all yelling in a foreign language while dragging behind them one of the wooden park benches (with its sign, “Please Do Not Move!”) and setting-down blankets and coolers and water toys, all amid a din of screaming. In a few minutes my lady and I had been pushed away from the tree to stand and watch in stunned silence. Several very able-bodied adults got out of a car with a handicapped sign – parked in a handicapped spot – carrying more furniture.

My lady and I tried to set-up a ways away, in the Sun, when more people arrived. Now the crowd numbered perhaps 40. Several white bags were opened and white garments were removed. Several men and women then put-on the white garments until they stood in all white. Several people with guitars and tambourines joined the group. One boy – perhaps twelve years old – reached into another bag and removed a bird skeleton, which had been cleaned and preserved in stark white. It looked like a chicken skeleton to me but then I am not a zoolologist. Then the service started. The group began singing and playing while the kid moved the bird skeleton rhythmically in front of him in a circular motion. The (priests?) in white recited what sounded like prayers and we were suddenly in the middle of what appeared to be a voodoo religious ceremony being held at a Massachusetts state park.

At this point my lady and I had had enough, loaded our car, and drove off, the ceremony and the park disappearing behind us.

For FY2009, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has a budget of $ 122,260,000, partially offset by an estimated $ 25,656,000 in revenues. Revenues from non-English speaking aliens practicing voodoo in state parks is not officially estimated.

At the risk of being labeled a “racist,” let me assert that such aggressively bad behavior from anyone should not be tolerated at any public forum, let alone one being paid for by the taxpayers. Sadly, such events are more and more common in Deval Patrick’s Massachusetts – a continued coarsening of the state and a further decrease in the quality of life as Massachusetts liberals –secure in their expensive, gated communities -- self-righteously continue to make life increasingly unbearable for the taxpaying citizens. I asked the Hopkinton State Park office if the park had issued a permit to either John Kerry or Ted Kennedy. They said that information is restricted. I’ll bet.

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