Liar, Liar, Pant Suit on Fire!

Hillary Clinton is one politician who is, shall we say, 'reality challenged.' But a recent statement by her launches her mendacity to new heights.

The Wall Street Journal, in a zinger entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before," quotes Ms. Clinton as saying that she didn't really want to be a politician, and that 'indeed, politics was at best her fifth career choice.' After failing as an athlete, then as a doctor, then in both math and science (the lawyer jokes just explode out of this admission), she decided that she REALLY wanted to be an astronaut. Alas, she was turned down because 'NASA did not take girls.'

We have all been entertained by Ms. Clinton's colorful political fairy tales and her flamboyant hallucinations regarding the nature of the real world. But this latest flight of fancy needs a response. Obviously, NASA does take 'girls' (as if they would ever have used such language in replying to a potential applicant). As the Journal notes, Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, is only 3 years younger than Mrs. Clinton. And that "given that she has an epicene name, how did NASA even know she was a girl?"

But it goes deeper than such superficial lies by Ms. Clinton, a woman who has based her entire adult life on the acquisition of power and wealth through lies and deception. It is hardly a matter of sexism. To have been accepted as an astronaut candidate, NASA required at least one doctorate in hard science or substantial flight time as a military aircrew man, and usually both. Dr. Harrison Schmitt (Ph.D., geology, Harvard), the geologist on Apollo 17, was the 'low man on the totem pole' with "only" 1,600 flight hours in jets. The truth is that if anyone with just a bachelor's degree in the humanities had applied to NASA to be an astronaut, they would have been laughed out of the Astronaut Office, as they should have been. What we have here with Ms. Clinton's latest bald-faced lie is her true core: that of a whiny, spiteful demagogue who makes John Kerry look like a patriotic altruist in comparison. That she would so blithely slander NASA for cheap 'victimization points' is precisely her style. That such a power-monger would say politics was her last career choise is reprehensible. That she might become president is chilling.

Where's Hillary?

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