“Hey! How About Them Hillary Supporters!?”

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Anyone remember several months ago, when Barack Obama grabbed the Democrat Party’s nomination for President? The press and airwaves were full of the screams of rage from Hillary supporters who were certain, certain! That the nomination had been stolen from Ms. Clinton. All that we could see on TV for weeks were outraged women – and a few metrosexual men – staring wildly into the camera and screaming that Hillary had been cheated and been disrespected and “thrown under the bus” by Obama supporters. Nightly TV news began to look like sessions of the Massachusetts Legislature debating raising their own salaries. Again. We heard daily that Obama supporters would either stay home this November, vote for McCain, or just stay home. “NOBAMA” groups were springing-up from Boston to Seattle. It looked like Obama would be crushed by this torrent of righteous outrage.

But a funny thing happened since then. All those outraged Hillary supporters – disappeared. All that energy, that fury, that righteous indignation. Except for Harriett Christian still making noise on the national scene – gone, she and the few like her out there now national jokes, their videos shown for laughs on Obama supporters’ blogs. The polls show Obama with a small but consistent lead over McCain (although it’s true that the polls ALWAYS show the Dem ahead, even when the Dem eventually loses). And the Outraged Hillary Supporters? Gone. Perhaps abducted by aliens from the planet Amazon. Perhaps dedicated to staying stoned until November 6. Perhaps off to a secret, privately owned island to regroup and repair. Or more likely, snuggly back in the embrace of Democrat Party Ubergovernment, which is promising them “visibility and respect” in the coming administration of The One. (Note to these ladies: a President Obama is going to set-up a card table in the White House cafeteria and that’s as close as Joe Biden will get to giving advice to Barack. Women’s issues? If you like Cynthia McKinney, you’ll LOVE his new Cabinet Department of Women's Affairs).

What the drooling Obama press tells us has become so manifestly untrue as to make picking stocks using their astrological signs a profitable exercise. John McCain, a tough, retired attack aircraft pilot who survived Communist hell for over five years and whom I personally admire, seems to have just run out of energy and ideas. He is looking and acting like he’d like to tell you something but can’t quite remember what it was (Dem Bank Scandal? ACORN stealing votes? Congressional criminals?) or where he put his hearing aid. He has become everyone’s nice but slightly dotty old, uncle who did something heroic in some war a long time ago but now basically sits down at the local coffee shop, telling war stories with his old buddies about how well he cooperated with the rest of his unit during wartime, while the waitress listens-in and wonders why Uncle John doesn’t seem angry at her daughter’s school holding “Conservatives Suck Day” (‘bring a costume showing how bad conservatives are!’). Outside the coffee shop, Obama, his sleeves rolled up and standing tall on a soap box, is holding the crowd with that unfriendly glare of his as he warns, in his itinerate preacher’s slightly menacing harangue, that they had better vote for him if they know what’s good for them.

We know the prostitute press is a lost cause, despite the ever growing power of the web. Even if this is the last election to be controlled and thrown by the press, the damage coming with President Obama may not be repaired during our lifetimes. We’ll probably see http://www.sickofliberalliesunderground.com appear after the election. Perhaps the rest of us who aren’t Obama fans can join the ladies on Hillary’s Island. I hope they serve drinks there with lots of rum and those little umbrellas. Nice place to train an army.