Government to Force Firearms Owners to Buy Gun Insurance


In a nutshell, here is the new law:

“Every owner of a firearm must, within ten days of taking possession of such firearm, obtain an insurance policy from a state-approved insurance provider, that provides a minimum of $ 250,000 liability and loss coverage per firearm, with a minimum total rider of $ 5,000,000, regardless of the number of firearms possessed. Each 100 rounds of ammunition will require a minimum coverage of $5,000. Failure to secure such insurance coverage will be punishable by a prison sentence of not less than one year and/or a fine of not less than $5,000.”

Sound farfetched? A Massachusetts liberal representative has already introduced a similar bill in the State House ( Would such a law make it into the federal statutes?

If ObamaCare is ruled constitutional, bet on it. If the federal government can force you to buy health insurance, it can certainly force you to buy other insurance “for the common good.” The immortal liberal lie that thousands of children are killed accidentally by firearms every year would be trotted-out again, and all it would take is a return of House control to the Democrats to make such a law happen.

Not worried about ObamaCare? You’d better be.

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