Town Tries Again to Disarm Citizens

On February 10, 2006, the Grafton, MA, Assessor notified the North Grafton Fish, Game, and Bird Club, Inc., that its maps indicate that the Town took ownership of the Club's land in 1997. According to a club member, the Town claims it was taken as town conservation land at that time based upon maps it had at the time. Reportedly, according to the Town, its deed is based upon a survey that used trees and piles of rocks to determine lot boundaries.

This is not the first time the Town has tried to close the club's outdoor target range, which has been at its current location since 1951. In 2004, the Town closed the club after a nearby resident -- who had purchased his home just several years before -- claimed that "bullets from the club flew through his yard, forcing him to throw himself over his pregnant wife to protect her." Despite the total absence of evidence to indicate that the neighbor's claim was true, the Town closed the club and it took six months, a lawyer, and thousands of members' dollars to get it reopened

In 2005, Grafton tried to implement a new set of laws that would have made it a crime for anyone who owned any weapon (gun, knife, nun-chuks, throwing star, sling shot -- I am not making this up) to do any business with the Town or to be on Town property. After sixty gun owners showed-up at the selectmen's meeting to protest, the proposal was "withdrawn for further study."

The range remains open as of this date.

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