Al Gore’s Energy Credit Scam

Al Gore liberals celebrated this week after the former vice-president received the Academy Award for Worst Science Fiction Film of 2006, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Gore supporters took the opportunity to again warn we great unwashed that the world will end at 3:15pm (ET) on Friday, September 25, 2018, unless we all sell our cars and replace them with bicycles and we disconnect electricity from our homes and business and instead burn for fuel organically-grown peat.

When some questioned the fact that Gore’s Tennessee mansion is just a little smaller than the National Air and Space Museum and uses even more electricity and gas, his political nose tackles immediately responded that Gore was immune from any such criticism since he buys “energy credits” to offset the Ghana-sized energy consumption he enjoys. As explained, such “green” credits release a livin’ large energy hog from any guilt or shame because they offset what otherwise would be evil energy use and/or the practice of capitalism. Gore, a designated oracle of the Cult of Global Warming, thus responds to criticism about his lifestyle the way Hillary Clinton responds to questions about the 1,100 missing FBI files or Monica Lewinsky.

What many may not know is that the concept of energy credits harkens back to another deplorable chapter in US history. As noted at, during the Civil War, the military draft was instituted. The South instituted a draft in 1862, requiring three years of service for those selected between the ages of 18 and 35; later, as the war prospects dimmed, the pool was enlarged by taking in ages 17 to 50. The North waited until 1863 before resorting to the draft, also for three-year terms for those in the age group between 20 and 45.

“…Both sides provided for numerous occupational exemptions and the North allowed for hiring suitable substitutes or the payment of a $300 “commutation fee” to the government to avoid service. Understandably, the less fortunate and the lower classes resented this system; resistance and anger were especially fierce in the Northern cities, where large groups of immigrants lived. In July 1863, draft riots broke out in New York City and lasted four days. Some of the anger had been fueled by the Democratic Party (sound familiar?), whose leaders doubted the wisdom of the war and hated Lincoln. News of heavy losses at Gettysburg ignited smoldering racism and led to a number of very unfortunate incidents. Freed blacks were unfairly targeted as the cause of the war and several were beaten to death or lynched by the mobs; a black orphanage and church were set on fire. The rage subsided only when the Army of the Potomac, supplemented by cadets from West Point, was deployed in New York.” The riots are depicted in the movie, “Gangs of New York.”

There is no meaningful difference between buying a draft commutation to escape one’s civic responsibility and buying energy credits to escape the responsibility for a lavish, corrupt lifestyle for which other less wealthy citizens are being excoriated. That the Elite Left cannot see this is both inevitable and reprehensible. That most Americans have been cowed into silence is unforgivable. In the meanwhile, one must wonder when and where the first Energy Credit Riots will occur.

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