To Obama supporters, “Goodthought” Always Trumps Experience


20 April 2009

The late, great science fiction writer Fred Saberhagen gave us a collection of novels and stories concerning one of his literary inventions, the Berserkers. Per Wikipedia:

“The Berserker series of science fiction short stories by Fred Saberhagen (1930-2007) is a variety of space opera in which robotic self-replicating machines intend to destroy all organic life. These berserkers, a doomsday weapon left over from an interstellar war 50,000 years ago, are killer spaceships furnished with machine intelligence, operating from asteroid-sized berserker bases where they are capable of building more Berserkers and auxiliary machines. The name is a reference to the human "Berserkers", warriors of Norse legend.”

As the series of stories unwinds, we are introduced to the Berserker thought process. Although they are programmed to destroy all organic life (presaging by decades such similar inventions as “Terminators”). However, occasionally, a Berserker would come across a traitorous human who would willingly aid the berserkers in their quest to exterminate humanity. To the Berserkers, this was “goodlife” that was characterized by “goodthought.”

This comes to mind when reading current news. Per the AP:

“Elena Kagan, the Obama administration's top Supreme Court lawyer, is passing up the chance to make her first high-court argument in a big case over minority voting rights. Instead, Kagan, confirmed by the Senate last month as solicitor general, will wait until the fall to make her debut, Justice Department spokeswoman Beverley Lumpkin said…”

The problem, as reported, is while Kagan has that most precious of Liberal resumes – a stone Leftist, former Harvard Law School dean, and a Supreme Court clerk -- she hasn’t actually spent much time in the courtroom. To the unbiased observer, this appointment is like that of appointing as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military someone who has written a great deal about the military but never actually have served in uniform in any front-line position. We have already seen this type of stupid appointment process in the last several Administrators of the Federal Aviation Administration – women who never actually piloted an aircraft but were given rule of the agency that controls all civil aviation in the country. The current problems within the FAA, can, I assert, be traced largely to this unthinking system of appointment based upon never actually having done the job oneself but looking great on paper.

The idea is that right thinking – “goodthought” – trumps all other considerations. And for the current administration this means a federal government overrun with unworthy hacks who have kissed the appropriate part of Mr. Obama’s anatomy.

Bush did this from time to time, but to see it suddenly in full flower you have to look at President Obama. His appointments have been an unbroken series of insults to the country and to reason. He has shown himself to be a doctrinaire Marxist who earned his title as "Most Egregious Liberal in the US Senate," which is exactly what the right yelled about before the election. His appointments are a re-run of the Soviet Union’s machinations under Lenin, which simply began undoing the Soviet revolution as soon as the smoke had cleared.

For three months we have watched as Mr.Obama has appointed an unbroken list of people unqualified or criminal or both to staff his administration. The single, overriding qualification was that all must demonstrate Obama Goodthought. Ms. Kagan is simply the latest example, assured confirmation by a Senate run by even more thought-challenged Leftists who, in the thrill of their new "rule" over America (their words), agree to anything Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, and Ms. Pelosi want.

The Berserkers wanted to destroy humanity by force of weapons. The Obama Goodthinkers are, so far, content to destroy the United States by force of runaway government. We are now in a race to see whether they will succeed. In the meantime, we can practice George Orwell’s Newspeak “thoughtcrimes.” If we dare.

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