Going Green – Gangrene

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27 October 2010

As the November Elections rush towards us, I have taken a new look at Green Technology here in The Peoples Democratic Republic of Massachusetts. Governor Patrick says he strongly supports it, but who can tell? He barricades himself in his office, refusing to see anyone except fellow Dem polls and the ever-simpering writers for The Boston Globe Workers Circle. Fleeing the State House to keep from actually having to touch any of us commoners (or, “The Unwashed,” according to liberal dolt Katie Couric) to his palatial 10,000 square foot, $4.6 million mansion on top of his own 14 acre private mountain in Richmond, MA, he does so either in a Massachusetts State Police helicopter (which burns 38 gallons of kerosene an hour) or in his Cadillac limousine (which gets 7 miles per gallon). Obama’s Mini-me.


I look around Worcester County, the state’s largest and one of only two that run from the New Hampshire border north to the Connecticut border to the south. Worcester County is represented in the U.S. House by two long-term, smarmy, oily liberals who simply disregard anyone from outside the Boston Globe Workers Circle or SEIU: Jim McGovern and Richard Neal. Their re-election ads are marvels of dishonesty (http://jimmcgovern.com/) and incumbency (http://nealforcongress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=2), including claims of the wonders of Green Technology. That’s their story. The reality is somewhat different.

There are some big windmills near Mount Wachusett for generating electricity (http://www.mwcc.edu/renewable/documents/NEPA_FinalAssessment.pdf). I pass by almost every day and they remain frozen symbols of Liberal treachery and stupidity. While the figures for the power generated are elusive, I can tell you that they most closely resemble Martian Tripods from “The War of the Worlds,” except these tripods don’t move. Let’s just say that they give the lie to wind turbine "energy."

I drive down streets and see roof-top solar panels covered in wet, dead leaves. Soon they will be covered by snow. I am not going out on a limb to predict that less than five percent of the owners involved will actually climb-out on their roofs and clear these panels. I have seen zero stations for recharging the $41,000 Chevy Volts. Not a problem as long as you have a plug-in in your garage and don’t mind paying a trebled electric bill for electricity from coal-fired generators 1000 miles away. Good luck with that. And you’d better have a garage or there will be no place to recharge them. Electric cars I’ve seen this year: 1, in Boston. One of those cars that look like a phone booth at a 45 degree angle and mean instant death in any kind of road accident above 20 MPH. A neighbor recently tore-down his private wind generator. It cost him money every year despite the power company’s mandate to buy-back his excess power. Every year he ended in the red.

Then there’s aviation. Down in the weeds of small airplanes and small airports (70% of all flying in the U.S.), 100 octane low-lead is being outlawed by Obama’s EPA run amuck. Without 100LL or a good substitute, no more piston-powered airplanes. Several hundred thousand more people out of work. Plus loss of a critical part of the US air system.

And of course there is the chief culprit: Obama, who has reserved 852 rooms in a 5-star hotel for himself, his lovely bride, 300 Secret Service agents, his advisers, and closet friends. Obama demanding we drop our standard of living is like a Klingon demanding we display better table manners.

Did you know that Obama has ordered the US Military to “go green?” Aside from nuclear powered ships, not one US vessel can function, and all aircraft in an air wing run on JP (jet propellant). Lots of JP. But still, it will only be a little while before officers’ fitness reports will contain a graded item, “How well does this officer do in cutting energy consumption aboard ship and encouraging others to do the same?” Of course, the Navy FITREP has for decades included this item: “Does this officer treat all subordinates fairly, without regard for religion, race, and religion?” (This is the backhanded way of asking if the officer supports Affirmative Action and if not so, why should he/she be retained in the Navy). Having retired from the Navy I can tell you two things: The US Navy stands head, shoulders, waist, and knees above any civilian operation you would care to name regarding fair treatment. If Eric Holder had to answer this question on his annual FITREP he would have to lie.

The Global Climate Change/Go Green crock is so insane, dishonest, and hateful that supporting that just that one issue alone should disqualify any politician running for office. Going Green will kill the nation’s economy if implemented.