The Privileged Fatigue of the West

In April, 1861, with the firing upon Fort Sumter by the Confederate States of America, the US Civil War began.

In September, 1862, at the Battle of Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg, MD, 23,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died in one horrendous day, the bloodiest day of combat in American history. A week later, Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus for individuals deemed guilty of "Discouraging volunteer enlistments, resisting military drafts, or guilty of any disloyal practice offering comfort to Rebels." The US Congress subsequently authorized further recruitment and enlistment bonuses in support of the Union Army. The Eastern press excoriated Lincoln.

In April, 1865, the war ended with the surrender of the Confederacy. Average life expectancy is 40 for men. Most jobs are on farms. Chief relaxations are sitting, reading, listening to concerts, and taking the buggy to town to shop.

In December, 1941, with the attack upon US Naval Station Pearl Harbor by The Empire of Japan, the US entered World War II. Three days later Nazi Germany declared war on the US.

In February, 1943, at the Battle at Kasserine Pass, Tunisia, the US met the German Army for the first time. Germany lost 352 dead or wounded, 258 captured, with 34 tanks destroyed. The Allies lost 6,054 dead or wounded, 3,700 captured, with 315 tanks and 706 other vehicles destroyed. President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill subsequently asked for and received Congressional and Parliamentary approval for increased draft and war appropriations. The Eastern press excoriated Roosevelt. The next year, Allied forces, led by the US, liberated France from Nazi occupation.

In May, 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Allies. Three months later, Japan surrendered unconditionally to the Allies. The average life expectancy for US men is 61. Jobs are split between farms and factories. Chief relaxations are reading, movies, radio, watching baseball, and taking the Studebaker to town to shop.

In January, 1968, the North Vietnam Army launched a huge offensive during the Tet New year's celebration. In the days of fighting that followed, the Communists were vaporized by US and South Vietnamese forces, bringing the enemy its biggest single defeat to that time. Immediately, the Eastern Media started a 24-hour-a-day campaign to take through oies what the enemy could not win on the battlefield. We were bomcarded for weeks -- and then months -- oif selective pictures of American casualties from the battle and from an endless screed about how the evil US and its head monster, Lyndon Johnson, were both losing the war and selectively murdering civilians. Walter Cronkite betrayed every journalistic ethic by decalring on his news show that the US could not win in Vietnam. Several months later Johnson, a broken man, declared that he would not run for reelection in November.

In April, 1971, John Kerry lies through his teeth as he slanders his fellow Vietnam vets as baby killers, mass murderers, and "like Ghengis Khan." The Boston Globe and New York Times have a cojoined orgasm as they cover this travety. The US Congress shrank from questioning any of Kerry's sickening science fiction.

In January, 1973, the US abandoned its allies in SE ASia. Two years later, the Communists rolled in an slaughtered three million of their own people during "reeducation." Darkness settled over SE Asia for 20 years. In the US, the New York Times cravenly stopped reporting what was happening in Vietnam and Cambodia. Sydney Schaumberg accepted an award for his reporting. A number of draft dodgers and pro-communist aggitators are hired ny the NY Times and other Eastern Media outlets. The average life expectancy of a US man is 68. Chief relaxations include TV, movies, watching sports, and taking the Buick out for a night on the town.

In November, 1989, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall was torn-down by jubilant former prisoners of the USSR. After 44 years of Cold War, the West, led by the US, had defeated the USSR through sheer will and the sacrifices of millions of Allied soldiers, sailors, and airmen. The Media prompty and idiotically labeled this event “The End of History.” College elites and the Eastern Media coo over this incisive claptrap.

In September, 2001, with the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York by Islamic terrorists, the US announced the beginning of the international War on Terror despite the fact that the war had first taken American lives in 1983 with the attack upon the Marine barracks in Beirut. The US subsequently took the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan. Several years later it took the fight to the Iraqi dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

In the summer of 2006, Israel – which has been at war against terror since 1948 -- retaliates against Hezbollah for the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and the indiscriminate rocket murders of Israeli civilians. As of early August, approximately 100 Israeli soldiers, 500 Hezbollah, and 500 Lebanese civilians have been killed. The European Union and the United Nations damn Israel for its “aggression” and demand that Israel stand-down. Officials of the US Democratic Party call Prime Minister Olmert and President Bush “murderers” and “monsters” and demand that the US stop Israel from defending itself. Democratic politicians continue to condemn Bush and his administration for its “aggression in Iraq,” insist that the president is a “liar” and a “moron,” and demand that the US withdraw from Iraq so as to leave it to Hezbollah and its sponsors. Politicians call Bush a “dictator” and “worse than Hitler” for his use of the Patriot Act to track and catch terrorists and their supporters. The Eastern press excoriates Bush and his administration and gleefully reports secret programs aimed at defeating the terrorists, materially hurting the US and its allies. The average life expectancy of the US man is 72. Chief relaxations include TV, professional sports, surfing the web, video games, and internet shopping.

That the Islamic fascists started this war 27 years ago when they seized our embassy in Iran means nothing to this protected class of dilettante trust-babies, educated beyond their ability to understand and spoiled beyond any ability to contribute anything but damage to society. The 3,000 US servicepeople lost since the 1983 murder of 241 US troops in Beirut – 3,000 of our best and brightest -- means nothing to them except as an engaging topic of dinner part discussion while agreeing that President Bush, Vice-president Cheney, and SECDEF Rumsfeld are moronic demons threatening their gated, unearned lives of ease and prestige. The press excoriates Bush and knowingly lies when it insists that the war disproportionately hurts poor and black American troops.

Today, one poll asserts that 55% of the US public wants the US to withdraw from the Middle East within a year. Sen. Joe Lieberman, one of the most respected Democratic Party members of congress, is getting the bum’s rush by his own party for not wanting to run from the fight. The loss since 1983 of 3,000 American servicepeople – 13% of the total lost in just one Civil War battle – has the public reeling with a tired sourness largely created and refreshed by a media so corrupt it has gone clinically insane, unable to distinguish truth from delusion. The fatigue generated by having to simply think about self-defense against a mad-dog enemy that wants to rip us to pieces with its teeth is reported as being enough to make perhaps a majority of Americans to throw-in the towel against a foe that clearly states its aim as killing us all or forcing us to live as third-class serfs in a World Caliphate. Meanwhile, the Eastern Media excoriates the Bush Administration, safe and secure at home behind the defense provided by those of the “lower classes.” The American Civil Liberties Union – a group long ago unmasked as spiteful, doctrinaire Marxists who use the courts rather than guns – continues to harm our ability to defend ourselves (willfully oblivious to the fact that they would be the first ones beheaded by their beloved Hezbollah hero figures). The average life expectancy under Islam is 43. Indigenous technology, civics, economics, physical science, medicine, and mysogeny have not changed in 600 years nor are there any plans to change them. Chief relaxations include reading the Koran and planning to convert by force (or kill) Christian unbelievers. Jews and Americans are to be exterminated. The UN and EU praise Islam as the "religion of peace."

It's getting late in the day and the Morlocks are calling the West to dinner. Like Wells’ Eloi, we seem ever more inclined to march, slack-faced, towards the slaughter. After all, the Morlocks’ dinings-in occur only every so often, in the dark, and not everyone is eaten at the same time, and in between the "elites" can stay home and swim and eat and go clubbing and play video games and worry about fashion and write brain-dead editorials in Salon and The New York Times, and beat their keyboards to scrap posting furious calls for Bush to be fed alive to wild dogs. It seems tragic that it will take another terrorist atrocity at home to once again wake us – however briefly -- from our denial. And the dead of Antietam and Kasserine Pass? Who cares.