Events, Not Democrats, Will Control Next Congress

The post-election analyses, hand-wringing, shouting, and celebrations are underway following the Democrats’ retaking control of both house of Congress by 0.0051% of the vote. This Democratic “mandate!” is now being used as a club by the usual liberal suspects to threaten their political enemies in the upcoming congress. In the five days since the election results were learned, we have already been told by the victors to expect HillaryCare Redux, vastly higher taxes, punishing of the “evil rich” (any family making more than $90K a year), a betrayal and gutting of our military (“terrorizers of women and children”), the determination to jail Albert Gonzales and George Bush for “crimes against liberalism,” prohibition in perpetuity of government sponsored private retirement accounts, the betrayal of the brave Iraqis who voted for their own government at the possible cost of being murdered, and mandatory attendance of all US children at Uncle Ho’s Taxfunded Day Care Center and Reeducation Camp.

The Democrats ran on a platform of “Beats the Sh*t Out of Me!” and won anyway with a molecule-wide “mandate” (had 1,738 voters in Montana voted R instead of D or L, the Senate would be 50-50 with VP Cheney breaking the tie.) Now the party of “screw the south” John Conyers and convicted felon Alcee Hastings (that’s “Mr. Chairman” to you and me) will be in charge, a party that openly loathes national defense and wants to be the next member of the European Union, that threadbare, motley collection of stitched-together failed socialist states and dictatorships that is even now shuffling off to an early suicide-by-Islam.

It is the Democrats’ nature to ignore foreign affairs (except for working to defeat the US when it is at war) and concentrate upon writing wrenchingly dishonest New York Times- like hagiographies to social programs that have failed utterly in other parts of the world but will somehow, magically, be successes in the US as long as enough taxpayers are skillfully wined and dined before being porked enough times (“Of course I’ll respect you in the morning”) to pay for them. That The New Deal nearly bankrupted the US and that The Great Society stands as the single largest financial and cultural disaster in US history bothers them not. It’s the idea, you see. And if the idea is only applied skillfully and slickly enough, it will work. And if it doesn’t work, it’s the fault of those church-goers, gun-owners, southerners, military enlistees, and other assorted villains. One can only imagine the dispirit among our forces in Iraq following last week's election. Perhaps the Democratic Congress will use the USAF to drop several million copies of "I'm OK, You're OK" over Iraq and Iran. Hey. It works on "Oprah."

And yet… how futile does Fate make man’s plans. Liberals – never a bunch to plan much beyond their own hallucinations – have either forgotten or choose to disregard the fact that we have less than two years before the world blows up unless we do something. Iran will not wait two more years to try and destroy Israel. In fact, the majority of those in the know believe Israel has less than a year to take action against Iran in the face of an international community that hates the Jews as much as did the Nazis (but wearing better suits and enjoying superior press relations). North Korea, that nuclear-armed nation of the starved and dying ruled by the insane and vicious, will not wait another two more years before it tries to blow-up large portions of Asia or simply disintegrates, flooding China. Al Qaeda will not wait two more years before it tries to slaughter more Americans at home. Middle Eastern oil will not wait two more years for the next crisis. The list is nearly endless. We are about to see events taken away from the Democrats’ hands. What comes next is more likely to be successfully shouldered by those despised gun-toting southern church-goers than the SUV-driving suburban secular “moderates” who had a temper-tantrum on November 7.

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