The Mask is Cast Aside


14 July 2010

Unless Obama declares martial law this fall and cancels elections (“a crisis is a terrible thing to waste"), the Democrats are at this date heading towards a Marianas Turkey Shoot-style defeat at the polls. With disaster looming, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are throwing-off the century-old, carefully cultivated image of reasonable, caring stewardship of the public good and embracing their true natures: vicious, back-stabbing communists who will do whatever it takes to bring Third World Stalinism to the United States. And they have only six months left in which to work.

What is unexpected is not seeing their true natures – that of sociopathic bullies armed with clubs, like the character that threatened white voters in Pennsylvania in 2008, only to have all charges against him dropped by the first black and most nastily racist president in American history. What is unexpected is seeing the masks slip in such a definitive and unexpected way. The real reason Democrats are sinking is that the public is seeing, for the first time in 100 years, that the essence of Liberalism and the Democrat Party is in-your-face nastiness.

The American public is very tolerant by nature. We accept pretty much anything as long as whatever it is stops at our own front doors. But since Obama was elected, the Dems have kicked-in our front doors, screamed at us until their spittle was all over our faces, and imposed increasingly horrific and unconstitutional restraints upon us while demanding that we leave our homes so that a large family of American-hating illegals can live there instead. And you get to pay their bills.

To a lesser extent this has happened before. The Wilson and Roosevelt administrations of the last century did the same thing but under a more successful cover of false kindness. As a Boston-area Jew I heard it all while growing up. There is no such thing as a bad person, only people whom society has failed. Negroes aren’t really very smart, poor dears, so we have to give them extra help so they can rise above their true nature. Only Rednecks and criminals want guns, which contain evil spirits and make people become killers. We should close our prisons and instead, spend the money on uplifting poor criminals who are victims of societal oppression. The military is for those of inferior intellect: no one with any real talent or intelligence would ever willingly make it a career. The Rosenbergs were framed by McCarthyites. And so on. While my brother and I were in grade school and too young to understand politics, the savaging of Joe McCarthy – who has since been vindicated – led us to walk around the dining table, rattling metal cups on soup spoons, singing, “Senator McCarthy, Senator McCarthy, doo-doo duh doo-doo-doo.” My mother’s father, a Ukrainian Jewish peasant who had escaped his homeland and come to the U.S. in 1893, adopted communism after the Russian Revolution of 1917. He would sit at the TV in the early 1950s, leaning on his cane, and muttering in Yiddish, “Fabrenta Republicans!”* My mother came to mirror his politics, while my dad – a Polish peasant who had escaped the pogroms with his family in 1913 by coming to America -- remained visibly apolitical, his politics and voting record unknown to me, although his conservative demeanor was apparent. He had tried three times to join the Navy in World War II, only to be denied, as he was an engineer at General Electric working on the first American jet engine and the government would not let him out of his civil job, classifying him as vital to the war effort.

My mother and most of my relatives hewed to the Leftist line all of their lives, during which the Democrat Party very carefully kept the smiley-face mask on as it insisted that it was the party of the “little people” who were being savaged by Big Business and Evil Wall Street Capitalists. Having lived through the Great Depression and World War II, my extended family was certain that the Democrat Party was the one that really cared about them, Roosevelt’s control of the press so uncontested that the real facts of his disastrous New Deal would not be revealed until sixty years later when researchers finally and unassailably accessed the truth about his attempted socialist takeover of the United States, something Wilson had tried earlier.

Today, we have Obama and his increasingly transparent snarling, nasty, overbearing hatred of the country over which he presides. This is a first, and a long-overdue revelation to the voting public. What is sinking Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, is that the masks have been stripped away for the first time in our history. Never before has an administration so brazenly and vengefully sought to run rough-shod over the United States. The masks are off, and the Democrat Party stands revealed before the American public: they are plain nasty, caring nothing for public opinion but liberated by finally being able to make visible their true nature: nasty bullies.

Americans can take a lot from politicians, but whining and bullying aren’t two of them. The late, great Red Skelton had, among is acts, one called the Mean Widdle Kid. As only Skelton could, he brought to life the little kid we all went to school with, the one who was always making trouble, and who no one else could stand. Obama and the congressional leaders are revealed as that nasty little kid. The one who was always going to the teacher after class to complain about classmates and urging the teacher to punish them for real and imagined crimes. “Teacher, Johnny put a tack on my seat! Teacher, they won’t let me be a crossing guard! Teacher, Danny helped Mary with her homework! Teacher, they won’t let me play kickball!” ad nauseam. Now they are in power, free from the constraints of hiding their true natures. And the voting public – battered by Obama’s racist, openly vengeful, communist administration -- is getting an eye-full. With ObamaCare the law and a takeover of the entire U.S. financial system just days away, Obama-Reid-Pelosi have six more months in which to pass Crap and Trade, criminal alien amnesty/30 million new Dem voters, elimination of secret elections for unionization, national vs. state voter registration (run by Dems, of course), elimination of the hated oil industry and its replacement with energy-rich pixie dust and dried unicorn poop, imprisonment of political enemies, etc. The November election is not the real story. The real story is how much damage Obama can do before January.

* Damned to burn in Hell

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