A Dean in the Headlights

While Washington studies the tape allegedly released today by Osama bin Laden, the Democrats are scrambling to downplay the success this event heralds. In the tape, bin Laden warns the US of further terror attacks unless we declare a truce, in which case, he and his lunatic followers will forego further attacks against the US.

Howard Dean was just interviewed on Fox News. Looking like a man who has just been caught wearing his daughter’s underwear, Dean gave a dazzling display of Angry Left incoherence and bluster. Asked by the reporter if this tape and its offer of a “truce” did not mean that we have al Qaeda on the run, Dean, wild-eyed with dismay, proclaimed that it showed the war in Iraq was a failure. Dean did briefly admit that this event suggested we are winning in Afghanistan, but then returned to his Mad Left talking point that the war in Iraq is a failure and that the evil Bush Administration has to answer for its failure. Asked about the significance of bin Laden’s message, Dean acknowledged that the recent attacks in Pakistan that killed four top al Qaeda leaders were probably useful.

This is, of course, an enormous victory for the US and its allies against lunatic Islam and its bloody adherents. They are asking for a truce because we are winning the war against them. But you wouldn’t know it to hear the Mad Doctor from Vermont.

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