Isn’t This Child Abuse?

Are Americans Really This Stupid?


3 July 2009

Recently, my wife and I were invited to “Grandparents’ Day” at one of our grandkid’s Jewish pre-school. The kids were rounded-up and as a group sang several songs, most pitching the Global Warming Hoax or Multicultural Diversity. Then we were invited back to the classroom for an informal session talking with teachers and watching the kids play.

Our grandson stood under a Rainbow Coalition poster for a picture and then joined others around the big Lego box. Our grandkid is talented and builds some impressive stuff with these colorful blocks and shapes. He knows I flew in the Navy, and while his understanding of naval aviation is, of course, limited, he wanted to please me by building a Lego airplane. In short order he had created a colorful kid’s version of a “Navy airplane.” My wife started asking him about this and that appendage, and when she asked about one structure, he said, “That’s the gun.”

The kid sitting next to him had a violent reaction. Spinning to address my grandson and us he yelled, “Guns are not allowed! Guns are bad!” before running over to a teacher. My grandson didn’t understand what was happening and his face fell. My wife then instructed him to remove the “gun” before we were arrested, or worse. Fortunately, no further mention was made of the episode and we finished our visit listening to several Obama supporters (they were ALL Obama supporters) gush over him (“He’s so smart, not like that redneck Bush!”)

Isn’t such brainlessness imposed upon children child abuse?

I realize that one episode such as this is not statistically significant, but even so -- how have American Liberals in general, and American Jews in particular -- become so stupid and reflexively anti-self defense? On this 4th of July weekend, I have to wonder at the mindset of European Jews only seventy-five years ago as they watched the gathering storm while congratulating one another on their passivity and cultural and educational superiority.