Chicken Pellet Jews


Those who took college psychology read about the experiment in which a chicken could be trained to peck at a certain lever if it had learned that this would deliver a food pellet. Carneys use this trick to make a chicken “win” at tic-tac-toe playing with the marks. The Democrat Party has perfected this using Jews and self-congratulation in the place of chickens and grain pellets.

Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the support of Barack Obama for president by my fellow American Jews. Despite a career glaringly embracing anti-Semitism and supporting those who would destroy Israel, Obama retains a mind-boggling near-70% support among American Jews despite a continuous stream of screechingly anti-Semitic, vomitous posts on his blogs from Nazis, Muslim hate-mongers, and other assorted undesirables. It should be noted that in the past 40 years the Democrat Party has been able to count upon a 90-95% Jewish support, and that Mr. Obama has the poorest showing among Jews of any Dem candidate since World War II. Nonetheless, that almost three-quarters of American Jews still support Mr. Obama indicates just how stupid, as a voting group, we are. A chicken has the excuse of a tiny brain. What excuse do Jews have?

None, of course. But there is an explanation. Self-congratulation has become more important to American Jews than to any other identifiable group. I was there at the beginning and it has not changed. When I was a kid growing-up in Greater Boston in the 1950s and 1960s, “Negroes” were a constant topic of conversation among my elders. It went like this:

“Negroes are just not very smart (poor dears). Negroes have suffered terribly under slavery (I was a kid but still knew that slavery had been gone for almost 100 years – far longer than the end of official pogroms in Russia). The terrible experiences of the Negroes, combined with just not being very capable, has condemned Negroes to third-class status in an America teeming with bright, aggressive, capable White People. This cannot be tolerated, because it is Not Fair. We must give them additional help so they can have as good a life as we have found here in America (by sheer hard work in our case, but we really can’t expect that from the poor Negroes, can we?”) And they will, in gratitude or lack of comprehension, vote with us.”

This mindset, combined with a weakness towards communism displayed by so many older immigrant Jews (my grandfather would sit in front of the old black and white TV, leaning on his cane, watching the news, and muttering, “G-d Damn Republicans!” in Yiddish) , could not help but create a Civil Rights Movement that was as ultimately corrupt and self-destructive as it was at first noble and successful. It’s largest white supporters were and are Jews.

We all know what has happened. The Civil Rights Movement has become an episode from The Twilight Zone, wherein crooks and conmen like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Deval Patrick make multi-million dollar fortunes extorting racial protection money from corporations terrified of being branded “racist” and hauled before one of Charlie Rangel’s kangaroo courts on Capitol Hill. Of course, the death by poisoning of the Civil Rights Movement is apparent to any with eyes and results in a convulsion of headaches every Sunday when Jews open their New York Times or Boston Globe and, upon reading the latest Liberal science fiction as news, grab their heads in agony and wince at the near lethal cognitive dissonance that twists their heads at impossible angles (“Leslie! Where’s the Tylenol?”) The goysha public has largely abandoned such news outlets, leaving its plummeting readership numbers to become more like members of a cult than representatives of the news-buying public (the New Media Synagogue cost $ 850,000,000 of other peoples’ money and its chief rabbi is Pinch Sulzberger).

And so on to the voting booth. Pity the average American Jew. He or she sees themself as a centurion in Rome’s disappearing army circa AD 398. How can the barbarian “Rethuglicans” and followers of the evil Chimpy Hitlerburton be kept at bay? The country must return to its heritage of Liberal idealism as demonstrated by the Rosenbergs. John McSame must be defeated to prevent a continuation of the Bush Hegemony and all the horrors that implies. The election of Barack Obama will serve to create a messianic return to Liberal kindness, inclusion, happy times, punishment of evil capitalism (somewhere my grandfather is smiling even as Liberal internet billionaires and money manipulators spend tens of millions of dollars avoiding paying taxes), a Supreme Court that will yank the Second Amendment from the Constitution as it rules in favor of mandatory national homosexual education in grade school (it’s already the law in Massachusetts), guarantees Osama bin Laden a court-appointed attorney and full protection of American law, opens the borders to people who hate the U.S., and of course, gives extra help to People of Color who are, unfortunately, not very bright or capable of succeeding on their own. Who else but the Democrat Party can make you feel so good about yourself while you try to make America a better place using other peoples’ money?

And so, on voting day, several million American Jews will leave the voting booth with vacant smiles and grain pellets of self-satisfaction on their lips, having given their vote no thought at all, least of all self-interest. Bon appetite.

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