Return of the Champ

The Aeronca Champ is going back into production. Arguably the most fun small airplane ever built, the original 7AC Champ was built from 1945 to 1949. It was then succeeded by a small series of upgraded aircraft, ending with the 7EC, as demand for taildraggers was subsumed by tricycle gear airplanes.

Per AOPA: "After the light sport aircraft manufacturers last year were given the green light to produce airplanes, industry insiders predicted a European invasion, thanks to the number of aircraft flying under existing microlight rules. So far that has held true. While there are now 30 aircraft available on the market with the special light sport aircraft certification, only 10 percent of those are designed and built in the United States. But American manufacturers had to wait until the certification standards were in place before they could start production, giving foreign manufacturers a head start. U.S. manufacturers like Cub Crafters and American Legend Aircraft so far have brought back classic Cubs, and the industry is awaiting the return of the Champ from American Champion Aircraft. The FAA reports that as of March 1, there are 234 new sport pilots.

Champ News: 3-20-2005

Here is a factory spy photo taken by the factory (is that an oxymoron?) Pictures are fairly large so that they can be copied and used as you please.

Expect to see it at Sun-n-Fun 06.

Yes, it is the fuselage of the Jabiru powered Champ. However, wings are new, and so is most everything forward of the pilot.


Based on the 7EC, in fact it will be dubbed the 7EC

1320 lb Gross Weight

Continental O-200-A

Sensenich W72GK44U Wood Prop (Urethane Leading Edge)

Spring Aluminum Main Gear with 600x6 Wheels and Tires

Spring Aluminum Tail Spring with Maule Tail Wheel

Single 18 Gallon Wing Tank; No Header Tank.

Consolidated Instrument Panel with Breakers and Switches. Capacity for basic GPS/Com package.

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