2010 Census Taker Jobs Open to Illegal Aliens

The US Census has released its employment documents and they are an eye-full.

US Census Form D-262 of 23 June 2009 indicates who is eligible for employment as a census taker.

To be eligible for the job, non-citizens are eligible if they present One Each from Lists A, or B, plus one from C.

List A is the toughest:

US passport (expired or unexpired)

Permanent Resident or Alien Registration Card

Unexpired foreign passport

Employment Authorization Document

Form I-766, I-688, I-688A, I-688B

Then there’s List B:

Drivers License or state-issued ID

ID card issued by local, state, or federal government School ID

Voters Registration Card

US military ID or draft card

Military dependent’s ID Card

Merchant Mariner’s Card

Native Indian tribal document

Canadian Driver’s License

And here’s List C:

US Social Security Card

Certificate of Foreign Birth or Original Foreign Birth Certificate

Native American tribal document

US Citizenship Card I-197

Unexpired employment document from US Dept. of Homeland Security.

Also, there’s a really tough “test” which you can keep retaking until you pass. Example question: “Multiply the numbers below:” 1.5 X 6.3 =

(A) .945

(B) 94.5

(C) 9.45

(D) 945

So, if you are an illegal living in any of the big Blue states, like NY, MA, or CA, you can work for the Census by presenting a drivers license or state ID or “school ID” or Social Security Card (all issued to illegals by these states) or any other combination and presto! You now work for pay for the US Government and can participate in the process that reapportions the House of Representative and federal money. That ACORN will be supervising the census in the deep Blue cities is just a bonus.

“For more information, call 1-800-861-2010”

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