Spoiled Brats and The New York Times

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In May, 1970, the ROTC Building at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst was burned by a mob of “students” and professional Marxists. The cause of this crime was allegedly student rage at the shooting by the National Guard of four students caught up in the rock-and-bottle throwing riot at Kent State University, although in fact it was really about possibly being drafted to serve in Vietnam and thus be forced to do something that would interfere with the “love and peace, baby” lifestyle they so enjoyed on their parents’ dime. [One must never forget that once the draft ended in the US, all “anti-war” protests simply vanished, despite the fact that the war continued for another two tears, ending in the Communist conquest of Vietnam and Cambodia and the subsequent slaughter of ten million of their own citizens. Not one student protest in the USA resulted from this butchery.] The thugs that burned the UMass ROTC Building were never punished. Rather, the UMass administration canceled final examinations, allowing seniors who had spent the year protesting, seizing school buildings, assaulting and battering ROTC students in uniform, and rioting to graduate anyway.

The ROTC Building at UMass was burned by a pack of spoiled brats who should have been spanked and sent to bed without their suppers. The cringing, cowardly reaction by the school administration energized twenty years of so bastardizing school academics and so cow-towing to student radicals that UMass’ Schools of Arts and Sciences, by the 1990s, had become a sick joke, seeking to hire pre-Ward Churchill academic lunatics and professional hate-mongers, accepting utterly unqualified students because they were black or women from overseas, and dropping all pretense of academic standards in favor of “relevance” (think four years of Woodstock but with really bad music and really bad drugs). Students in the University’s schools that maintained real standards (engineering, forestry, hard sciences) kept their heads down against the sleet storm of hatred and stupidity and prayed they would graduate before the entire university had been burned to the ground. I had graduated from UMass several years earlier and as the ROTC Building burned I was unaware, being involved that day in completing a training flight at Naval Air Station Corpus, Christi, TX, part of advanced heavy aircraft navigator school, and was finally about to earn my wings on the way to Vietnam.

I again think of the student radicals of 1970 as once again, The New York Times commits treason in a fit of cowardly, spoiled bratage. In a twisting of logic that threatens to make one’s head explode a la “Scanners,” the Times and its editor, Arthur “Putz” Sulzberger, has fallen even lower than mere treason. So hot is their mindless hatred of George Bush in particular and Red America in general that Times bigwigs argue that, not only was it their duty to protect the country from the Evil Darth Bush, that they published information everyone knew anyway, and besides, it was their duty as Citizens of the World, and anyway, only Putz and his staff have the, you know, intelligence and sophistication to deal with such matters in a country that elects a drooling idiot president while waging a savage war of aggression against the sweet, Eloi-like inhabitants of Third World paradises that are raped by Halliburton and Mobil Oil Morelocks to fill the coffers of Conservatives who probably keep Sudanese slaves chained in the basements of their mansions and who drive American SUVs and even if the military is now all “volunteer” we know the truth is that it is 90% poor blacks and Latinos trapped into joining because Bush has destroyed the economy and all new civilian jobs and anyway no one has the right to do anything in secret even if it means keeping secrets from the enemy during war and besides when they were in college they did anything they wanted and who are grownups in government to tell them how to behave, those fascist bastards?! Peace and love, baby, and do you want to go to the Burn the Flag Rally after I finish this piece for the school paper and we get laid?

As I’ve said before, the “Youth Movement” of the 60s was, from the start, suicidal in that it sought to destroy the only society that would allow such infantile, destructive behavior. In the case of the Times (and its bastard offspring, The Boston Globe), its furious, red-faced, treasonous reporting of secret actions against an enemy that many at the Times clearly admire (from a distance) is simply a nostalgic riff by the 1970 ROTC Building burners. The simple fact is that these spoiled, nasty, gray-ponytailed trust babies will never change. If one compares Times and Globe reports about Clinton’s use of the military against terrorism versus Bush’s, the cognitive dissonance will give you a blinding headache. The management at the Times cares nothing for national defense. Why should they when, as Citizens of the World, the idea of a sovereign United States is an archaic Red America idiocy suitable only for boobs like NASCAR fans, gun owners, church-goers, and patriots who will, in any event, be swept away under the New World Order that Starbucks Marxists like George Soros are determined to create (for their own further profit, of course).

To date, the Bush Administration has taken no public action against the New York Times and its allies. This is a big mistake. The day the ROTC Building was burned at UMass was the culmination of years of allowing the students at school to have their way whenever they demanded it. Failure to maintain standards and discipline always results in further, more egregious behavior. If the snarky brats and professional America haters at the Times are allowed to avoid punishment in these matters, we can expect only worsening behavior and greater treason in a time of war against an enemy that wants us all dead. Even the stupid, spoiled brats at The New York Times.

ROTC Building at UNC Vandalized April, 2006

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