Brainless in Boston

Boston Polls Blame Other States for Boston's Violent Lawlessness

If you need any more proof that Liberals are ignorant beyond education and stupid beyond medical help, this month's Boston Magazine serves-up yet another heaping shovel-full of proof.

One of the most popular science fiction genre involves the "failed society" plotline. From "Guliver's Travels" to the wonderful 1950s novel "Search the Skies" to the chilling 1990s' "Screamers," it is fun to read about societies that have crumbled and returned to a savage, lawless existance. In the real world, the Blue cities won by Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004 (in 2004 Chicago, with a straight face, declared Kerry had won in the city thanks to 103% voter turnout) are filling the bill. These deseased metropolises -- failed Liberal enclaves -- are collapsing and like a drowning man are frantically clutching at others, threatening to pull both under water.

"The Way of the Gun" (not availabe online) starts with a huge -- and I mean HUGE-about-three-times-actual-size -- picture of a Hi-Point .40 semi-auto, glowering menacingly at you from the first page. The article is a Tom Meninoesque screed about the fact that the rest of the United States refuses to ban the sale and ownership of guns to the law-abiding. It fails to mention such acknowledged facts that 47 out of 50 states now allow people to carry comcealed weapons, and that in every jurisdiction that allows such, violent crime has decreased (MA allows CCW at the police chief's discretion: Boston's COP reportedly simply denies all applications).

Instead, we learn that one career criminal has spent several years buying 19 guns in other states and then bringing them to Boston and selling them on the street to other career criminals and gang-bangers (after a long and profitable career in crime, this guy has finally been put in jail. Better late than never, apparently.) We see local minister Bruce Wall next to his Death Wall, which lists all the local people killed by criminals with guns. We see Suffolk County DA Conley scowling at the "backlog of gun cases" (which include ruining the law-abiding who inadvertently fall afoul of the state's viciously anti-gun politics). And we learn that the REAL cause of Boston's gun crime are the states of New Hampshire and Maine. You see, in neighboring states, where gun crime is far, far below that of Massachusetts, the law-abiding are allowed to buy and keep firearms. Even (*gasp*) CARRY them for self-defense, if they so desire. So how is the rest of New England to blame for Boston's skyrocketing gun crime? According to the article, it's because they allow people to buy guns in those states, a trickle of which find their way onto the black market and then into Massachusetts' cities. Pastor Wall has met with the head of the New Hampshire Police Chiefs Association, "...sparking an angry denunciation from the New Hampshire US Attorney..." I'll bet. Boston pols are best at complaining and placing blame upon others.

So what are we to make of this mess of an article? That Boston's violent crime is the fault of the law-abiding in other states. That the solution is for Boston to dictate to other states how to run their own business. And that, perhaps most importantly, that the United States is fast settling into the Blue and Red used informally on voting maps since 2000. That Red America acts like an adult and will not be dictated to by Blue America. That Blue America is literally disintegrating from within while deliberately and aggressively trying to save itself by insisting that its losses at the polls be overwritten by a self-generated demand that it be allowed to run the country as if it had won elections. The 2006 mid-term elections and the 2008 presidential contest will tell if Boston's demands to run the other states succeed or fails.

Inhabited by evil spirits, this gun has reportedly killed in Boston

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