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WWII novel depicts family's struggle to fight for opposing countries

Individuality confronts conformity in Robert A. Wright's war novel of families fighting on opposite sides in "Beyond Ultra"

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (MMD Newswire) June 13, 2011 - - Robert A. Wright's "Beyond Ultra" (ISBN 1456563432) tells the gripping fictional story of the Hoffman family, and how it handled the tragic events of the Spanish Civil War and World War II. Determined to forge a new life, Karl von Hoffman volunteers to serve in the German African colony of Kamerun on the eve of World War I. In a bold plan, Karl finds a way to relieve the surrounded German garrison and is reunited with his childhood sweetheart, Pilar Ortega, in the adjacent neutral colony of Spanish Guinea on her father's cocoa plantation.

Karl and Pilar marry and have three sons, Hans, Ernst and Paul, and together they run the family cocoa business. What seems like perfection changes forever as the boys come of age with the Spanish Civil War and World War II. Hans and Ernst are sent to Germany to be educated, and end up in the German Wehrmacht. Desperate for a different life for their youngest son, the couple sends Paul to America.

As the European conflicts of civil war and World War II unfold, it seems as if the bloodlines connecting the Hoffman and Ortega families are severed. A series of devastating tragedies affect both families. While his two older brothers fight in the German Wehrmacht, Paul is desperate to join the American military. Because of his Spanish heritage, however, Paul is rejected and finds a more dangerous path into war.

The brothers have unprecedented influence on the battlefields of World War II, while their father is left alone to take care of the family business. As Karl waits to hear good news from his three sons, more tragedy ensues. Hans finds himself in a secret Nazi operation with devastating consequences and worldwide ramifications. Meanwhile, Paul begins leading the family businesses in the New World as he spies for the American Office of Strategic Services in Spain. Family ties will be broken and reconnected through the tragedies of these worldwide historic events.

"My book challenges readers to examine unusual perspectives," says Wright. "Readers must put themselves in the difficult situations faced by a father and his three sons, whose journeys will challenge readers to question traditional concepts of loyalty, nationality and conformity."

"Beyond Ultra" seeks to provide a stark statement on patriotism, one which culminates with unpredictable impacts to the Hoffman family as readers learn which of them will survive the war.

"Beyond Ultra" is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:

Robert A. Wright spent 30 years in the aviation industry as a pilot, government and industry executive, and consultant. He is the president of Wright Aviation Solutions LLC, an aviation safety consulting practice. Wright's first novel, "Beyond Ultra," taps into his interest in 20th century historical fiction.


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