“BIG mistake!”

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7 August 2009

In the excellent but overlooked * Arnold Schwarzenegger film "The Last Action Hero," Arnold plays Jack Slater, the lead character in a film series about a rugged and principled police detective in a fictitious Hollywood. Slater is magically transferred to the real Los Angeles and has a rough time coming to grips with the real world versus the fantasy world in which he has lived his life. Slater’s catch line is “BIG mistake!” just before he gives a villain his lumps. (I highly recommend this family film.)

This film comes to mind when we see videos of Obama’s Union and ACORN thugs assaulting and beating senior citizens who have come to town meetings to protest Obama’s plan to euthanize, ah, “give end of life counseling to” oldsters a la “Soylent Green” in order to give free healthcare to criminal aliens (a major contributor to the Democrat vote). The response from we seniors seeing this brutal Chicago-style leg-breaking is uniform horror and anger. All Obama and his gangsters have done is double our resolve to defeat the vile “Obama healthcare Bill.” Congress knows this. My own cowardly Congressweasel, Richard Neal, is holding PRIVATE, by invitation only, “town hall meetings” in which Obama supporters are given their marching orders. One was held at The University of Massachusetts Medical School, in Worcester, MA, using a tax payer-funded building for the purpose of raising money and holding a closed meeting.

As anger grows geometrically among we seniors and our families, let’s see how this plays out in September. Democrats? BIG mistake!

* Last Action Hero was released the same weekend in 1993 that Jurassic Park sucked-up all movie goers

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