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Ben Stein, meet my Dad

AOPA Sees an Increasingly Troubled Future for General Aviation

The Pentagon Slowly Pulls the Plug on the LCS

Anti-Mine LCS Package Doesn't Work (September 22, 2015)

Apocalypse Lite

Military Failures Showcase National Failures

How French Nearly Killed Me

How Obama Can Implement the UN Gun-grab

Sequester to Result in Shorter Days

Navy's P-8 Still Doesn't Work

We're the Post Office -- making your life more difficult!

Obama's Magic "Quality Time" Navy

More Problems for the P-8 and the US Navy

Are Liberals Crazy? Ten (or more) Reasons Why They Might Be

Navy's P-8 Implementation Schedule Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

"The Big C" and Gun Hatred

WT*&^% Has Happened to Home Appraisals?

WWF's Latest Enviro-lie (April edition)

Here comes mandatory gun insurance

Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Speech as Written by Barack Obama

Another Big EcoLie

The President Kije Suite

Excellent New War Novel: "Beyond Ultra"

Obama: Lost in Space

So What's Wrong with American Business?

RomneyCare's Tough on Dogs, Too

More Mass. Shame

Goodbye, Whidbey; Navy admits its P-8 plans have shrunk dramatically

Bring back french fries!

Going Green - Gangrene

Flight of the Tea Party

The NRA Betrays its Members

The Mask is Cast Aside

Going, going... the Navy's LCS Hits Rough Seas

Obama, Congress discover "precrime"

Conservatives Re-fight the Battle of Kasserine Pass

US Navy announces New Slogan

How the Government Blew Another Chance to Help

Obama turns on his young supporters

Why "Stargate Universe" would have made Jack O'Neill puke

Is Obama sparking another "Revolt of the Admirals"?

In Massachusetts, "Shovel ready" may refer to dead motorists

Obama sics the IRS on the elderly

When your town government gets your medical records

Beating senior citizens: BIG mistake!

2010 Census Taker Jobs Open to Illegal Aliens

They Killed Kenny! You Racists!"

Isn't This Child Abuse?

Obama's LORAN Problem

John Kerry Back-hands Veterans Again

GOP alters image; McCain, Boehner scheduled for surgery

"Together We Can" go bankrupt: MA Liberals Destroy the state

The PC World of White Criminality

To Obama supporters, “Goodthought” Always Trumps Experience

CNN Lies About Massachusetts' Utterly Failed Universal Healthcare

US Navy's P-8, DDG-1000, LCS, Others, Are Finished

Barack Obama's White Noise

The War Between Young and Old

Punishing the Sick: It's the Government Way

FLASH! P-8 Budget Slashed (as predicted here)

US Navy Plans for EP-3E Replacement Even as Manned Aircraft Era Ends

Judaism as a Fashion Statement

Head of US Navy’s Air Patrol and Recon Confirms Developments

"Yes We Can!" How Deval Patrick's Massachusetts Thuggery Presages Obama's America

Obama-Pelosi-Reid will destroy the military and we will rebuild it

Rise of the Pomegranates

Obama Care: You'll Love It To Death

Massachusetts, Boston Let Gun Killers Go, Persecute the Law-abiding

The Loathsome Left Attacks the Man Who Dared Challenge “The One”

Flash of Fresh Air

"Hey! How about them Hillary gals!"

Barack Obama and Bulldozer Democracy

Obama Supporters Laugh at Ruined Lehman Bros. Employees

Hate Mail from an Obama Supporter (and reply)

Navy P-8 to Replace P-3? Don't Count on It

A Day at Voodoo State Park, Massachusetts

First Pictures, Report of US Navy P-3 Accident, July 2008

Navy Admits DDG-1000 Unaffordable; Plans to Refurb Existing Ships

Back from the Dead: The EB-52 is reborn

Chicken Pellet Jews

A Modest Energy Proposal

Look to Massachusetts for what an Obama Presidency will look like

The Audacity of Resentment

Maybe Unions Aren't All Wrong

Massachusetts Politics: "Together We Can... Have a Tantrum!"

Career Change: An Airline Adventure - Chapter One

Career Change: An Airline Adventure - Chapter Two: The Call of the Air

Career Change: An Airline Adventure - Chapter Three: Off We Go

Career Change: An Airline Adventure - Chapter Four: Boston

Career Change: An Airline Adventure - Chapter Five: A New Beginning

Hillary Clinton Supporters Step In It Again

Race Relations Update: Cry Me a River, Mr. Wright EYEFUL HERE

As Navy Fleet Shrinks, Words Multiply

How I Became a Displaced Person: An Adventure in Realty

Yes, We Have No Pesetas (a tale of international banking)

That Old Obama Rock-n-Roll

GREAT NEW BOOK: "The Minutemen of VP-92: The Story of New England's Naval Air Reserve Patrol Squadron"

MASS Insanity: bill will allow developers to form their own private governments

How the FAA Shoots Itself in the Foot

Good Help Increasingly Hard to Find

Flight to Unmanned Vehicles Continues to Cloud Future of Military Aircraft

Global Warming: The New Lysenkoism

Free Flying Lessons Available. Apply Below.

Boston Globe Sounds Panic Over DC vs. Heller

US Navy’s LCS Class Latest Procurement Casualty

Paul Tibbets and "The Family of Man"

Massachusetts IG Slams state "affordable housing" law as rife with criminal activity benefitting builders while destroying towns while builders remain state legislators' largest campaign contributors

For Whom Will You Vote?

The Democrats approve of this quote: “Congress just told you to sit down and be quiet. They passed a resolution condemning MoveOn.org, to intimidate all of us who care about ending this war. We say, ‘We will not be quiet, we will fight back, and we will keep speaking out until Congress forces an exit plan for this awful war.’” – MoveOn.org

My shipmates and I say:

You decide.

The New Army/Navy Aerial Common Sensor Aircraft Will Be Unmanned

Unhappy Trails: BJ's Wholesale Club



Major News Networks Continue to Hide Criminal Aliens’ Status

The Madness of Tom Menino

Taiwan Finally Gets its P-3C Aircraft



A retired Army officer explains why Arab armies always lose

The Illegal Army's Supply Train

The Navy addresses the issue of "Snakes on a Plane"

Return of the Jeep Carrier

Gay Marriage and Gun Bans

Save the Tiger: Save Our Schools

Seung-hui Cho and The Paper Clip Lady

Troubles Deepen for Navy Contractors

Wolves in Sheeps' Clothing -- Cowardly, Fraudulent Groups Seek to Mislead the Law-abiding

Navy Restarts Littoral Combat Ship Production

Al Gore at Congressional Hearings on Global Warming

Navy Budget Churn Continues

Tipping Point America

Vicious, Snarling Gnus

Navy Struggles with Aviation Officer Mismatch

Al Gore's Energy Scam

US Military Faced with Increasingly Unaffordable New Weapons

After 70 Years Hawaii May Throw US Navy Patrol Aviation Out of State

Embracing Local Rule

Mr. Rangel's Draft Hypocrisy

Massachusetts Church Honors War Dead (pinch me)

Events Will Control the Next Congress

Hot Turnover for Congress

John Kerry Explains His Latest Remarks about the US Military

The US Navy Introduces The Poseidon

The Next Commander of the Massachusetts National Guard?

Sen. John Warner's Shameful Vendetta

Military Struggles with Plans for Future Aircraft

Little Miss Porn, another gift from Hollywood

The Day of Manned Fighter Aircraft Is Ending

The West Answers the Morlocks' Dinner Bell

Replacing the P-3C: The Adventure Continues

When A Cowardly West Calls Terrorists "Freedom Fighters"

Japan: "We Consider a Pre-emptive Strike Self-defense"

How to Destroy Israel

DUI Test Gone Bad (get the wall compound)

Spoiled Brats and The New York Times

New Solutions for Aging Military Aircraft

How Reparations Can Create Peace in the Middle East

Riddle: What's the difference...?

TOUGH DUTY: Canadian Coast Guard in the North Atlantic

China Buys Russian Amphibs for ASW

Unsung Engineering Heros: Robert Sherman

War, Rising Development Costs Crunch New Weapons Systems

THE DEFINITIVE page on the US Navy's P4M-1 MERCATOR and the P-2 NEPTUNE

Navy UAV Meets Latest Test Goals

When in Boston, Best to be from Out of Town

Patriotism Is Always “Too Soon” for the Left

When Things Go Wrong

Liar, liar, pant suit on fire!

The Champ Returns!

Boston Demands the Right to Dictate Other States' Gun Laws (get the Thorazine!)

Pakistan Begins Receiving Upgraded MPA Aircraft from US

Russian Tech Transfer to Iran Creates "Squall"

Open Letter to Yale University President re. Enrolled Taliban

Daniel Pearl before his beheading by Yale student's pals

General Accountability Office Raises Red Flag Over F-35 Program

Hillary Can’t Win Without Muzzling the New Media

US Customs Grounds Fleet of P-3 Surveillance Aircraft

Bad News in the Mail

What I Saw After the Crash - REHAB

What I Saw After the Crash - REHAB -- Part 2

What I Saw After the Crash - REHAB -- Part 3

Iraqi Mayor Publicly Thanks US Troops

US Navy Struggles to Recapture, Keep ASW Proficiency

Anti-Terror High Altitude Airship Project Moves into Third Stage

Town Again Seeks to Close Gun Range

US Army to get "Big Iron"?

US Navy Starts Accepting Enlisted Sailors for Chief Warrant Officer Pilot, Flight Officer Training

Why You Should Never Point an RPG at a US Marine

A Marine's Letter of Thanks to his Home Town

A Dean in the Headlights: Howlin' Mad Howard Dean at a Loss

"Liberal" and Packing: Cracks in the Leftist Monolith

Taiwan Takes Possession of First Two ex-Kidd class DDGs

Clueless on Cable: Mass Murderers Just Needed More Love

AC-130 Toasts Iraqi Terrorists (Video)

Remington Introduces Hand-Throwable Spy Device for Close-in Work

Navy Decommissions Three More VP Squadrons; Future of Maritime Patrol Aviation in Doubt

Take that, runway! Red Chinese Air Prowess on Display

The Real News from Iraq (we're winning)

Air Force General Unmasked as Foot Soldier

A Veteran Responds to John Kerry's Veterans Day Slander

Canada's Last Submarine Beached After Onboard Fire

Smile! *BANG*

Simply Unacceptable: Public Schools Require Teachers to Support 'Gay and Lesbian Coming-out Day"

Clueless: Tom Brokaw Cheapens “The Flight that Fought Back”

South Korea Military Downsizes

planned KDX-III DDG due by 2012

"Will Fly for Food:" UCAVs coming on fast to replace TACAIR aircrews

Marine Corps, Navy Aircraft Fleets Struggle to Meet Demands of War on Terrorism

What about "absolute moral responsibility," Ms. Sheehan?

A Conservative Look at Hollywood

Troop Morale in Iraq Sky High -- more NY Times Lies Exposed

"What I Saw After the Crash:" One Vet's Experience Moving Through the US Trauma Care System

"What I Saw After the Crash" -- Chapter 2

"What I Saw After the Crash" -- Chapter 3

"What I Saw After the Crash" -- Chapter 4

"What I Saw After the Crash" -- Chapter 5

NAS Brunswick Supporters Fight to Stop Base Closure as US Navy P-3 Fleet Drops from Overwork

Sleeping Giants: A Tour of Davis-Monthan AFB Aircraft Storage and Refurb Facility

Armed Spartan Scout Brings the End Closer for Manned Combat Vehicles

BEFORE GPS ... before moving maps ... how it used to be...

Neat Website of Proud Parent of Daughter in Iraq

Pakistan Buying More P-3Cs from US

US Navy Pulling the Plug on NAS Rota, Spain

"Live from Iraq! It's Armadillo Rock!"

US Helps Old Adversaries Rearm

Wanna Be an Officer in the US Navy? Excellent gouge here...

More than coincidence?

Vietnam Veterans' Legacy Foundation is launched

Republic of Korea Finalizes P-3 Aircraft Buy from US

US military comes calling on Taiwan

Simply Spectacular! VP-4 cruise video of Operation Iraqi Freedom!

Pansy Brits III: US execution of convicted murderers by lethal injection "inhumane"

US Navy Support Ships Find New Jobs in War on Terror

"Monster" Imperial Japanese Submarine Found off Hawaii ... Go Here for background on this little-known episode

Vietnam Buys Maritime Patrol Aircraft

"You First" -- Brady Campaign to Disarm Victims Offers to Shoot Gun-Rights Advocate

The New, Improved Warthog

"We're from the ACLU and we're here to help"

Massachusetts Leftists Demand End to Free Speech

'Let them eat ordnance' -- Iran, North Korea Destroying Themselves to Gain Nuclear Arsenals

Yes, Washington Post, it is indeed time to announce a “timetable”

Corporate Shame! Defense Contractors Extort Money from Kids!

"That'll be $ 130.95, kid!"

US Navy's New Multimission Maritime Aircraft in Trouble?

Shrinking Fleet Results in Big Cuts in US Naval Aviation Training

Pansy Brits II: Home Secretary Rules Brits Must Hide Under Their Beds If Attacked

CBS Makes Female Producer, Three Others, Take Fall for Disgraced Rather

Japanese Defense Agency Proposes Changes to Military Response Options

Joint Exercise Practices Deflecting North Korean Attack on Japan

Denmark Joins Old Europe and Surrenders; Pursues Unilateral Disarmament

Pansy Brits Horrified at US Gun Owners

US Navy Receives Remote Minehunting System

US Ships Begin Patroling Off North Korea for Ballistic Missile Defense

(above: USS Curtis Wilbur makes tracks for North Korea)

Ohio Voters to EuroLiberals: "Go Pound Sand!"

When Sheep Vote...

Here Comes the EB-52 "Mega-fortress..."

"One-third of US Military Aircraft to be Unmanned by 2010"

Boeing Wins Bid to Build Replacement for the P-3

Meet the Boeing Multi-mission Maritime Patrol Aircraft

More Controversy Swirls About Kerry Campaign

Europe Surrenders

Holland recently announced it is getting out of the Maritime Patrol Aircraft business to spend more money on social programs. Meanwhile, across the English Channel, London announced significant military cuts. The London Telegraph reports that a confidential MOD White Paper announced substantial cuts in British ships, armored vehicles, and aircraft. The British MOD said the changes were being made to “better prepare Britain for combating terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.” While supporters are reported to say these changes will permit the use of a more swiftly deployable force to fight on a number of fronts at the same time while enjoying the latest technology, opponents countered that the move is budget crisis-driven "a smokescreen" to hide quite risky cuts in the military. Two major defense programs -- the Nimrod MRA4 surveillance aircraft and the Ground-based Air Defence radar system (GBAD) -- are being cut immediately, reported the Telegram. The Nimrod upgrade program alone has already cost $ 764 million toward the $ 5 billion program. Canceling the MRA4 now is expected to save $ 892 million this year and $ 3.57 billion overall, leaving England with neither a modern Royal Navy MPA aircraft nor an RAF strategic bomber. The white paper also lists other savings: buying just 55 of the 143 Eurofighters with which it will replace its F3 Tornado, Harrier, and Jaguar ground attack aircraft; scrapping England’s 60 Challenger 2 tanks, plus unnamed older tank models; and decommissioning older Royal Navy ships, not yet named.

Sea Gliders -- unmanned submarine gliders -- are finding favor with the US Navy, which has ordered a number of these craft for research into their suitability for use as surveillance craft. Released at sea, they vary their depth according to instructions, and float along, essentially undetectable, gathering information on enemy submarine or ship movements. This model is supplied by Webb Research Corporation, East Falmouth, MA.

ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN TO FLY? If you are near Marlboro, MA, Marlboro Airport offers great flying at great rates.

Check out the airport

More Airport Pix

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 673

Real Men... and Women... play the oboe!

Someone call Al Gore!

Interesting Links:

South-Korea related news, books and web resources

Tai Chi Arts

The Record John Kerry is Trying to Hide... (but we're on to him...)

Navy Resists Air Force Pressure for Joint UCAV

Light-Weight, Heavy Duty Homeland Security

US Navy Expands Testing of Unmanned Aircraft as Budget Problems Threaten Program

Affordable Moving Surface Target Engagement (AMSTE) System Undergoes "Final Exam"

Navy VP-1 Seeks Former Shipmates

MMA RFP Released as P-3 Airframe Fatigue and Money Problems Collide

US Navy, Russian Company Team to Develop Revolutionary Technology

US Navy Reacquires Urgency about ASW

Civil War Erupts at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome -- field's future in doubt

Live from Iraq! A Navy buddy's family on the front lines

US Navy Reacquires Urgency About Anti-Submarine Warfare

Holland Reverses Decision to Scrap P-3Cs

Old, New Technologies Come Together to Cast Large Shadow, Create Controversy

Holland Abandons Maritime Air Patrol

SEA RAM Enables Improved “Reach-out and Touch Somebody” Capability

Technology, Budget Constraints Tug at New "plug and play" Virginia-class submarines

US Navy to Abolish Reserve P-3 Squadrons as Reserves, Guard Take Big Hits

China's FC-1 Fighter Enters Production as “Poor Man's MiG-27”

Blockade of North Korea "Not in our thinking"

European Maritime Patrol Aircraft Replacement Still 'Up in the Air'

First Advanced SEAL Delivery System Sub Accepted by Navy Despite Development Problems, Critics

Is the US Navy's Multimission Maritime Aircraft Program in Trouble?

Northrop Grumman Reportedly Gains in Taiwan Submarine Contest

North Korea Said To Be Using Drug Money to Fund Arms Program

Small Submarines Increasingly Appeal to Terrorists, Criminals

Pakistan Buys Chinese Guided Missile Frigates

US Resumes ISR Flights Off North Korea

"I'll Be Back!" -- Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicles Move Out

US Navy Tests Controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from Submarines

Feeling Beleagured, Taiwan Seeks to Beef-Up Its Military Presence

Converted Ohio-class Boomers Move Toward Deployment as SSGNs


Indian Air Force Picks Rafale-M over MiG-29K.

MANNED TO UNMANNED? Europe's Atlantique Maritime Patrol Aircraft may be replaced by UCAV.

TROUBLES FOR TAIWAN: New Tactical Radio System Gets Wailed by Politicians

RED CHINA ON THE PROWL: New J-10 Tactical Fighter Concerns Taipei

WAR WITH IRAQ: New Tank-Killer Technology Moves Forward

UNPLEASANT SURPRISE: Red Chinese Missile Has Double the Range Thought by West

NEWS! Indian Plans for Light Combat Aircraft to Lead to Next Generation Stealth Fighters

UPGRADES: India Seeks Cruise Missile Sub from Russia

NEWS! A Cash-Desperate North Korea Sells Missiles

NEWS! PRC Spy Ship Riles Taiwan

NEWS! US Navy Converts Boomers to Cruise Missile Subs

NEWS! "VAST" Frees US Navy from Target Range Constraints

NEWS! US Navy Moves Subs Closer to Red China

ANALYSIS: Directed Infra-red Countermeasures Update: how to avoid a shoulder-launched missile

NEWS! Royal Australian Navy Chooses New Combat Control System for Collins Subs

NEWS! Red Chinese Aircraft Harrass Another US Navy EP-3

NEWS! Singapore, Taiwan Ramp-up Submarine Fleets

NEWS! Singapore Acquires Second Sjoormen-class SSK

NEWS! Ticonderoga-class CGs Get Enhanced Missile Capability

NEWS! Republic of Korea Gets "TIGER EYES"

NEWS! India and Russia Make a Deal

NEWS! Wedgetail Passes Milestone

NEWS! Seoul May Scrap Patriot Buy

NEWS! ROC Navy Moves Ahead with New Destroyer

NEWS! Taiwan, India Jockey for New P-3 Aircraft

NEWS! Malaysia Gets New Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

NEWS! US Navy Subs Get Improved TB-29 Towed Array Sonar

NEWS! Taiwan Seeks Modern Sub Fleet to Restrain Beijing

NEWS! Red China Seeks Carrier Aviation -- Buys ex-Soviet Varyag

NEWS! North Korea Gives Syria Gas

NEWS! New Maritime Patrol Aircraft Hits the Waves

NEWS! US Customs Service Upgrades P-3 Fleet

NEWS! US Navy Tests 21st Century Shoot-and Scoot Technology

NEWS! North Korea Orders Ruder Tanks

NEWS! South Korea To Get Stealth Technology Patrol Boats

NEWS! Bank ONE Buys Control of German Sub Maker

Dedicated to all U.S. Military Air Crew, past, present, and future.

A place to help you understand military technology and news. Stay tuned and thanks.

Dead Reckoning Trace used by navigator aboard the P-3A/B

P-3B "Orion", VP-92, NAS South Weymouth, MA, 1990

P-3B TACNAVMOD "Orion," VP-1, NAS Barbers Point, HI, 1984

SP-2H "Neptune'" VP-1, NAF Cam Rahn Bay, Republic of Vietnam, 1969

VP-1 Crew 8, NAF Cam Rahn Bay, 1971 (webmaster front, center)

A Soviet il-38 "May," the Russian version of the P-3 (immediately dubbed the "P-3-ski" by us) escorted by US Navy F-4B ((photo: www.fas.org).

A P-3 "rigs" a Kirov-class Soviet guided missile cruiser in the 1970s (thanks to AT1 Tom Clay, USN (Ret.)